PlayStation 6: Release Date Speculation, Price, Specs, and More

The PlayStation 6 has been out since 2020, meaning it’s been a fairly long while since Sony gamers have had anything truly new to try. There have been cosmetic and slightly varied iterations since then, but what people are really waiting for is the PlayStation 6.

It’s worth noting that actual details are low on the ground for the PS6, but there are some speculated ideas and estimated facts that can be shared for now. It could all change when we get a full reveal from Sony but, for now, here’s what we know about the unconfirmed console.

Current PS6 Release Date Speculation

Sony has been reliable in releasing a new console every few years. While there hasn’t been direct confirmation that the PlayStation 6 is coming, it would be a massive surprise for Sony to simply walk away from its major console and the rumor mill has been churning out indications that there is indeed a PlayStation 6 on the way.

The main question is when. Sony has a pretty regular release schedule for releasing new PlayStation iterations ever since the release of the PlayStation 3. Releases tend to come later on in the year at Sony so, whatever year the PS6 shows its face, it will likely be the last few months of the calendar. A Sony executive confirmed that the company prefers to stick to tried-and-tested schedules while speaking to Livewire. So far, that’s something to go on at least.

How Much Will the PlayStation 6 Cost?

Once again, we can only really look back at Sony’s history to get an idea of how much the PlayStation 6 could cost.

The PS5 launched at $399 in 2020, while its slim version came in at an eye-watering $499.99 in 2023. With Sony increasing the price by $100 for an updated version with three years between the releases, another three years until the predicted release of the PS6 in 2026 could see another $100 price hike,

It’s entirely possible that the PlayStation 6 could cost as much as $600 for its base version, especially considering that we don’t yet know what new features could be included in the console.

How Much Power Could the PlayStation 6 have?

The PlayStation 5 is already a pretty powerful system, capable of knocking out a 4k resolution like it’s nothing. With the PS5 Pro still to come as somewhat of a bigger brother, this will naturally have even more power, so by the time the PS6 arrives, the internals may be off the charts.

Moving to the output resolution, it’s pretty safe to say that it will be reaching the 8k mark comfortably. Whether it will hit the lofty heights of 120Hz at this resolution is completely up in the air but since we’re looking at 2027 at the very least for the release date, 60Hz should be the minimum really.

What Features Could the PS6 Have?

A futuristic and cutting-edge promotional image of the unreleased PlayStation 6 console. The PS6 is shown in a sleek and modern design, with a glossy finish and vibrant colors. The console features a holographic display and innovative touch controls. 

Speaking of new features, there are some rumored details about what to expect, all of which are as yet unconfirmed. There are always new specs put in and out of development and the PS6 could easily change a lot from what Sony has right now to what we see upon its release.

Built-in wireless charging

To start off, although all modern PlayStations naturally have wireless connections via Bluetooth and WIFI, it’s believed that the PS6 could come with its own built-in wireless charging. This would allow it to charge accessories like your phone, VR headsets, headphones, controllers, and so on.

VR integration

It’s no secret that VR is increasingly becoming the future of gaming, so some sort of VR integration is a must for the PlayStation at some point – so why not for the PS6. At the moment, gamers rely on external headsets and consoles but this could be a prime opportunity for Sony to combine motion controllers and headsets into the console box. If so, this could result in an even bigger price hike than we speculated about above.

New and improved user interface (UI)

In terms of looks, we’d also expect a UI and console update. Considering, the PlayStation 6 will need to endure for at least half a decade (until we get the PS7), we should get a new and improved UI that can stand the test of time, as well as the expected PlayStation Store update that tends to happen with the release of a new console.

Lightweight console

Elsewhere in aesthetics, we’ve already seen Sony experiment with slimming down the PS5 with its Slim version, with rumors of beefing up again for the PlayStation 5 Pro. Trends in hardware highlight that many consumers want a more lightweight alternative. After all, a large case isn’t needed for large amounts of storage or power anymore, so it’s likely that Sony will follow the trending preference if it can.

Digital only version

There is also some speculation that Sony could continue the digital-only journey that began with the PS5 Slim Digital, a version of the console that doesn’t have disc compatibility. That means you no longer need to own physical copies of a game but will have all your games stored virtually.

PS6 Specs and Hardware

The PlayStation 6 will surely improve in more ways than the features listed above, but since we’re still years out from launch, it’s not very helpful right now to guess what kind of hardware will be available.

In general, though, expect a PlayStation with an even faster, more capable CPU and more responsive controls. It’s not official, but here’s one PS6 leak we’ve seen regarding the chip:

Sony will continue its partnership with AMD to power the PS6 and PS5 Pro. The chip will boast a speculated 4K at 120fps and 8K at 60fps gaming experience, sources said.


In a world increasingly driven by AI, there are also rumors that we could see greater AI integration. That means the possibility of AI-enhanced NPCs and gaming scripts that can literally adapt to your choices in ways that gaming companies have only just started experimenting with. The capabilities of what consoles can support will illuminate what games can include moving forward.

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