Fill in the blanks: no kitchen is complete without…

Fill in the blanks no kitchen is complete without…

Ask every homeowner what they think makes a great kitchen and they’ll likely give you very different answers. That’s because people have different needs and preferences and kitchens should adapt to their owners’ lifestyles and requirements. What one person might consider a must-have or an awesome feature, others could deem inconsequential or even regard as a hindrance. 

Besides, kitchens have come to serve so many purposes nowadays beyond storing, cooking, and serving food that it would be impossible for one type of kitchen to suit everyone’s preferences. Some love to cook and turn their kitchens into a foodie heaven, while others treat this highly versatile space more like a party venue and enjoy hosting dinners and get-togethers. Therefore, kitchens are a direct reflection of people’s individual tastes and predilections.  

However, if we strip away the personal preferences part and focus strictly on the essentials, we can see it all boils down to some common denominators that all great kitchens seem to possess. So, let’s get back to basics and uncover the secrets to designing a perfect kitchen. 

Efficient appliances 

Nowadays, there’s a piece of equipment for almost every kitchen task you can think of, and the already vast range of kitchen appliances continues to expand with new models and devices that promise to change the game in the kitchen and make people’s lives easier. Does that mean you should purchase every cutting-edge kitchen equipment or gadget that hits the market? Not really. 

You need to focus on the appliances that you actually use and could benefit from, and give them an upgrade if necessary. The right kitchen equipment will enhance the functionality of your kitchen and help you save time and effort. Moreover, you can also save money on your energy bills by purchasing models with high energy efficiency ratings.   

Adequate storage 

A perfectly tidy and organised kitchen where every item and utensil has its designated place is every homeowner’s dream. Although escaping clutter and mess can seem like an impossible task, especially when one doesn’t have much space at their disposal, properly designed kitchens can address this issue by integrating adequate storage solutions

This starts by taking inventory of the items you use in your kitchen, so you can then choose units that can accommodate your storage needs. Look for cabinets that are a good fit for the size and layout of your kitchen while also ensuring ample storage space, so you can make the most of your square footage and ensure your countertops remain clutter-free. Using clever storage solutions like deep drawers, dividers, rotating shelves, or pullouts can also help you increase storage capacity and optimise available space. 

Good flow 

No one likes to feel like they’re running a marathon or looking for the needle in the haystack while working in the kitchen. So, another key feature that all great kitchens boast is good flow. This refers to the ability to move around the kitchen with ease, find and access things quickly, and maintain a well-organised kitchen with minimum effort.  

A good flow keeps chaos at bay and makes both cooking and entertaining easier and more pleasant. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, you need to get the layout right. For narrow spaces, a gallery-style layout might be the best choice since you can use the length of the walls to maximise storage. L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens are popular options for larger rooms, providing more countertop space. Island layouts are ideal for generously sized kitchens, while open-plan concepts are great if you want to create a flexible space where you can cook and entertain at the same time. 

Sturdy furniture 

From cooking and prepping to socialising, things can get pretty busy in the kitchen on a daily basis. That can take a toll on kitchen cabinets which are constantly exposed to moisture, grease, smoke, heat, and scratches, especially the surfaces around the oven and sink. That’s why sturdiness and quality are crucial aspects to consider when choosing kitchen units

Regardless of the kitchen design or style you’re aiming for, your main focus should be on finding furniture made of quality materials that can withstand general wear and tear and last you for years. So, it doesn’t matter if you like farmhouse, contemporary, coastal, or minimalist kitchens, as long as the furniture pieces you use to achieve these designs are durable. The same rule applies to flooring which should be hard-wearing so it can handle the high traffic in the kitchen. 

Quality accessories and countertops

Details matter, so you shouldn’t disregard the smaller items in your kitchen like fixtures and hardware as they can completely transform the look and feel of the space. If anything, this is one area of kitchen design where you should splurge without hesitation. A pull-out faucet or some sleek cabinet handles are the types of items worth shelling out for. 

As for countertops, since these surfaces see a lot of action in busy kitchens, it’s understandable you should focus on strength and durability when choosing them. 

Proper lighting 

Last but not least, every kitchen requires adequate lighting to ensure an optimum level of functionality and ensure a pleasant ambience for all those who pass its threshold. There are three types of lighting you need to combine in the kitchen to achieve the best results: general/ambient, task, and accent. 

General lighting represents the main source of illumination in the room, while task lighting provides extra light and visibility in certain areas of the kitchen where different tasks are performed. Accent lighting completes the overall ambiance by complementing décor and design features.   

While kitchens encompass a myriad of other elements and items, these aspects represent the foundation on which homeowners can start building their own version of the ideal kitchen. If you get the basics right, you have better chances at creating a kitchen space that is both functional and beautiful and caters to your personal needs. 

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