7 Great Ideas To Renew Your Home Through Small Changes

Fill in the blanks no kitchen is complete without…

It is not necessary to begin any stage to give a little twist to our house. Much less consider reforms or partitions. You just need good ideas and desire, we put the first ones.

Like everything in life, our house sometimes needs a little change, which makes it revive and even brings out a side we didn’t know about. Lovers of homes and comfort as we are, we thought that perhaps with some ideas of house transform, you (and your house) will be encouraged to do what you know you are missing from each other and you have not identified what.

Hackneyed but real

Some ideas are not less effective because they are hackneyed. That is: painting the walls a certain color, moving the living room furniture, opting for seasonal textiles or changing curtains, are ideas that always occur and we tend to underestimate but many times, they are the only thing we need to find the point perfect.

Versatile spaces

If we learned anything during confinement, it was to create versatile spaces and turn unused corners into improvised fitness rooms. Two years later, you have realized what a huge advantage that was. 

Well, do it, because it is important that each space is as versatile as possible and manages to provide different uses to the same environment: turn your terrace into a chill-out area even if it is small, or take out some furniture to give a feeling of spaciousness; turn a window into a work table by adding a wooden shelf and a folding chair or use fun and improvised stands to hang the bikes.

Emotional decoration

It is an increasingly upward trend that basically consists of letting emotions flow freely. To do this, we play with different elements: the power of colors or how a tone can create sensations. It doesn’t have to be the same for everyone, you just have to know what triggers you and if you want that feeling to last, then think about where you want to have that place. 

The same thing happens with lighting, dim or strong, yellow or white, enveloping, think about what wakes you up and do it.


We have already talked about it but we never tire of praising the virtues of plants and how a green and ecological environment helps to improve the physical, mental and decorative health of both ourselves and our home. 

So maybe the only thing your home needs are plants: in the bathroom, in areas with little natural light, in the kitchen as aromatic herbs, in the entrance hallway to liven up the space, or in the living room with a large and leafy that transports us to a small urban garden. Don’t be shy, the benefits will be innumerable.

Thematic environments

Massage room, reading, silence, sports… The objective is to create an environment and for everything around you to be based on that. That is, opt for a range of colors, furniture and decoration that places us perfectly in that space to feel that we have our corner in the world within the castle of comfort that is our home.

With personality

Sometimes for economic reasons or lack of references, it is increasingly common for houses to resemble each other because we use the same design objects or standard solutions. To make the place more unique, betting on artisanal elements can be a good alternative, since they can tell a story beyond industrialized products. Or take advantage of the focal points of your home to think about another layout.

And for your pet?

They are our inseparable companions in fatigue, and it is worth thanking them for their company. As? Creating spaces dedicated to them. In this way, they exercise, exercise their instincts and have places to rest. 

What do you think of one of the living room furniture being a shelf and play area for your cat? Or a decorative piece of furniture that is a beanbag on top and a bed for your dog on the bottom? Or some decorative stairs where your cat can go up and down?

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