7 Reasons To Hire An Architect For Your Reform

We are convinced that hiring an architect for that great project that you have in mind and for which you are willing to invest as much enthusiasm as money, guarantees that it will be carried out by a professional who is fully prepared for it.

On the other hand, sometimes we have met people who consider the figure of the architect as an unnecessary extra cost, which sometimes has to be resorted to due to legal requirements but which does not provide added value to the project, or at least not enough to justify an extra investment.

Well, in a brief way we would like to list through a series of points some of the reasons why and designing and building expert can and does help when it comes to a comprehensive renovation of a home.

Design with added value

An architect will know and establish a bond with the client that will allow him to interpret her needs and translate them into a design. This implies that, thanks to his training and experience, he will give the project originality and exclusivity, adapting it to your needs, working like a tailor to adapt each element of the home to your tastes.

In the preliminary and project phase, we will always show you different proposals where you can choose the one that best suits you and from there capture your needs on a plan and in some measurements.

Optimize space

The moment we decide to hire an architect we will realize what a methodical and conscientious job it is that can sometimes border on the obsessive. At first, you should analyze the qualities and defects of our space to try to enhance the first and counteract the second.

To do this, he will draw up a plan of the current distribution reflecting the current reality, which together with an exhaustive analysis of the needs of the people who are going to live there, will make him able to detect possible improvements, proposing a personalized design tailored to the client taking advantage of hitherto undervalued spaces and enhancing spatial virtues.

In addition, it also pays attention to order, proportions, alignments, regularity… abstract things that, although they cannot be directly appreciated, our eye and mind detect and transform them into sensations.

Provide creativity

Furthermore, in the search for an efficient and harmonious space, you will be able to contribute a large dose of creativity in all the proposals and solutions for that new space. This will be reflected in your ideas about the configuration of the space, about the decoration, furniture or choice of lighting, and will be a differentiating element that will be key to the project of our house.

Improve facilities

It is normal that with the passage of time, new options for our home installations come onto the market, much more efficient and with lower consumption, leaving ours outdated. From the knowledge that supports him, an architect will be able to optimize the new facilities when renewing the space of our home, achieving great savings on our future water, gas and electricity bills.

Use the appropriate materials

The most ideal material is not always the costliest but rather one that fits each situation best and meets the requirements of people living at home. An interior architect can select perfect materials for our houses — both practically speaking as well as aesthetically.

Secure and guarantee your peace of mind

Another key point when hiring an architect is to relieve you of the burden during the renovation. Your tasks during the renovation will be the choice of spaces or materials, saving you all the headaches that the continuous monitoring of the work entails, minimizing errors and holding the builder responsible for changes compared to the original project.

On the other hand, the architect will help you comply with regulations, both for habitability, sustainability and safety. 

Thanks to both the college of architects and the architect’s own insurance, you have the maximum guarantees thanks to the control they exercise over the quality of the projects and covers possible damages and flaws during construction and useful life.


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