Last Minute PTE Exam Preparation Tips in 2024

Last Minute PTE Exam Preparation Tips in 2024

Giving an English proficiency exam for studying, working, or settling abroad can be a source of real anxiety. The pressure to perform your best in this exam is immense because your whole life depends on it. The stress is real, whether it’s your first attempt or multiple attempts.

Here is a day-by-day plan for the last week before your PTE exam. Following this strategy will help you improve your PTE exam preparation.

The PTE Exam Format 2024

Both PTE Academic and PTE Core test you for the four fundamental skills of the English language: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Speaking. However, the scoring is done in an integrated manner, where applicants are tested for real-life usage of English. The PTE Academic exam is accepted globally by universities for academic intake and also by companies for working professionals. PTE Core is accepted by IRCC, specifically for the Canadian PR.

A deep understanding of the PTE exam format will help you prepare better.

  1. Speaking & Writing: This section lasts for about 54-67 minutes and tests the applicants based on an integrated skill of comprehending the prompts and producing using verbal and textual answers.
  2. Reading: This section lasts 29-30 minutes. You must answer based on your reading skills and understanding of the prompts. Be extra careful. Some of the questions carry extra weight.
  3. Listening: This section will take you about 30-43 minutes. You must carefully listen to all the prompts and answer the related questions.

Key Focus Areas in PTE Exam Preparation

Practice for the PTE exam without proper direction and focus will lead you nowhere. It might even end up making you more confused. If you want to improve your overall performance in the PTE exam, these are key focus areas to remember.

  1. Fluency, basic grammar, and advanced vocabulary will help you frame better sentences without a second thought.
  2. Do not think in your native language, and try translating in English. This will create a lag while talking. Instead, practice thinking in English.
  3. Avoid using filler words such as umm, hu, ha, yes, etc. Complete one sentence without pause.
  4. Never miss out on punctuation. Practice what a comma, colon, semi-colon, and full-stop sounds like in spoken English.
  5. Develop strong time management skills and handle all the questions efficiently. Abide by the allocated time slots.
  6. Practice, practice, and practice more to boost your confidence in different question formats.

Take Multiple PTE Mock Tests

Mock tests are practice exams that show you the mirror. You should multiple PTE mock tests as possible during every preparation stage. Especially during the last week before your PTE exam, do not miss out on mock tests.


This will help you during your exam. These PTE mock tests mimic real exam-like situations, and the scorecards help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Some of these mock tests provide highly accurate AI scoring. This will help you identify the shortcomings and keep that extra push you need just before the exam.

Priority Sections of PTE Exam

The PTE doesn’t reveal exact question weights, but some areas are generally more crucial. Here are some of the question types you want to prioritize.

  • Speaking: “Read Aloud” and “Repeat Sentences” usually carry more points.
  • Reading: Focus on “Read & Write Fill in the Blanks” to cover most of the reading section.
  • Listening: Pay attention to “Write from Dictation,” “Highlight Incorrect Word,” and “Fill in the Blanks” in the listening section.
  • Writing: “Summarize Written Text” requires unhinged and targeted practice.

An AI-scored PTE mock test can help you identify exactly where to improve while attempting these question types.

The Last 7 Days Before Your PTE Exam

Here is a seven-day plan for surviving the last days of your PTE exam preparation.

  • Day 1: Revise the exam format—understand the sections and question types.
  • Day 2: Go through once more with specific question types within each section.
  • Day 3: Take a PTE practice test to assess your level.
  • Days 4-7: Focus only on mock tests. Take as many as possible, analyzing your performance after each one.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Make analyzing your performance a daily habit. After practicing or taking a mock test:

  • Review errors: Identify grammar, vocabulary, or time management issues with your performance.
  • Improve: Use online resources, grammar guides, or a thesaurus. Take expert PTE guidance if needed.


The PTE may seem daunting, but with a focused approach and these valuable tips, you can conquer it in a week. Remember to:

  • Understand the exam format.
  • Identify your focus areas.
  • Practice diligently with mock tests.
  • Prioritize question types based on importance.
  • Master time management.

With dedication and the right strategies, Gurully can help you success your PTE is within your reach. Take a deep breath, follow this guide, and approach the exam with confidence!

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