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crystal prime 7000 box of 10

The vaping world is continually evolving and offers innovative devices that are made with advanced and modern features. These devices meet the vaper’s needs. Among these, the Crystal Prime 7000 Box of 10 is a revolutionary disposable vape that has a sleek design with the highest functionality and consistently delivers top-notch performance. In this guide, you will learn about the best Crystal Prime 7000 Box of 10 Rechargeable Vape in detail. If you want a thrilling and flavourful experience, you must try this. It absolutely makes your vaping life wonderful.

Crystal Prime 7000 Box of 10 Rechargeable Vape

The Crystal Prime 7000 Box of 10 is a versatile disposable vape device that has rechargeable functionality, making it the best choice for budget-conscious vapers. It has magnificent features and a colourful crystal design that appeals to a broad audience. The material used in the making of this device increases the device’s durability and longevity.

Additionally, its lightweight design and small size make it easy for vapers to hold this device anywhere and use it anytime. You can also use this device throughout the day without feeling any weight. Frequent travel vapers can take this device anywhere without any hassle.

Moreover, Each Crystal Prime 7000 Wholesale Rechargeable Vape delivers 7000 puffs and confirms that you can spend more time vaping before recharging and enjoying the multiple sessions. It also comes in a box of 10, and if you want to buy many devices at a reasonable cost, you can buy this disposable vape in a box of 10. This option is perfect and beneficial for retailers and regular vapers.  

Essential Feature of Crystal Prime 7000 Box of 10 Rechargeable Vape

The Crystal Prime 7000 box of 10 has many essential features that are different from other devices. Here, we will look at these features in detail.

Draw-Active Technology

The traditional activation methods are very complicated because before you start vaping, you have to press the button for activation. But, the Crystal Prime 7000 Bulk Buy Rechargeable Vape has an advanced draw-activation method that reduces this hassle and makes the activation easy. Whenever you start vaping, you need to inhale the puff. After this, the device will be activated.

Mesh Coil System

Every crystal prime device is made with a 1.2ohm mesh coil system. The rapid heating ability of the mesh coil allows it to produce vapour almost instantly. It improves the flavour quality and delivers consistent, more enormous vapour clouds with each puff. Due to this, you never face any issues regarding flavour and vapour. Also, it improves your vaping experience.

Battery Capacity

The Crystal Prime 7000 Wholesale Rechargeable Vape is ready with the built-in 600mAh battery that delivers the 7000 puffs with a vast e-liquid capacity. Before recharging, its battery timing gives you a more extended puff period without any break. Moreover, its battery never needs consistent charging, so that you can enjoy your favourite flavour all day long. It allows you to savour every moment of your vaping to the fullest. It is perfect for working vapers who are busy.

Performance and Flavour Quality

Consistent performance and flavour quality are essential in any vape device. This tool provides both things. The performance of this vape is excellent because it consistently delivers smooth, consistent and flavourful clouds with every puff, which allures your taste buds. Additionally, one of the highlights of Crystal Prime 7000 box of 10 is its diverse range of flavours. From classic tobacco to exotic fruity blends, there is something to suit every vaper’s liking. Whether you are craving an icy flavour or want to add a new flavour to your collection, this tool always has flavours according to your craving.

Type-C Charging Port

Vapers understand the importance of minimal downtime, and the Crystal Prime 7000 Bulk Buy prioritizes this with its rapid charging capabilities. So, it is integrated with a Type-C charging port. It is a reversible charging port that reduces the stress of incorrect plugging. It also charges your device quickly and confirms that you spend more time waiting. When you buy this vape in a box of 10, you do not need to buy a charger in bulk; you can buy only one original charger. Moreover, it has safety features that keep you safe from any disaster like overpowering.

Benefits of Buying Crystal Prime 7000 Box of 10

Bulk buying comes with numerous advantages that can make your vaping life more enjoyable because when one device is finished, you can quickly use the next device. So, if you buy the crystal prime in a bulk buy, you can use it for an extended time. Instead, you can save cost and time. You can buy different flavours in a box of 10 and make sure that you always have a device on your fingertip. Moreover, it is also the best option for those vapers who share this device with their friend.


Here are some tips that can help you during usage.

  • Always use the original charging port and reliable power source.
  • Keep the device in a dry or cool place where temperature is optimal. 
  • Have the device Away from the sunlight.
  • Avoid chain vaping.

Last Wording!

In conclusion, the Crystal Prime 7000 Wholesale Rechargeable Vape is a feature-packed vaping device that offers a sleek design, high-quality vape and user-friendly features. This colourful crystal 3d effect device has diverse flavours that fulfil every vaper need. Its more extended battery and puff capacity allow for longer vape time with minimal downtime. Moreover, by buying a box of 10, you can enjoy significant advantages. So, if you are going to purchase a new device, you must buy this vape and elevate your experience.

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