A Guide To Doing A 4680 Battery Charge To 100

The 4680 battery is a revolutionary advancement in battery generation, widely diagnosed for its more suitable energy density, stepped-forward thermal management, and fee performance. As with any battery, the right charging practices are crucial to ensure sturdiness, overall performance, and safety. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to do  4680 battery charge to 100.

Understanding The 4680 Battery

The 4680 battery, named for its 46mm diameter and 80mm top, is a cylindrical mobile that gives massive enhancements over conventional batteries. It features a table design that reduces internal resistance, leading to extra green energy transfer and higher thermal overall performance. These attributes make the 4680 battery perfect for applications in electric-powered motors (EVs) and strength storage structures.

Steps To Charge A 4680 Battery

Follow these steps to charge this battery.

  • Use the Correct Charger:

Ensure you operate a charger particularly designed for 4680 batteries. The charger ought to have the proper voltage and modern-day rankings to match the battery specifications. When you use an incompatibile charge can severely damange the battery. It will result in risks. 

  • Check the Battery’s Condition:

Before you charge your battery, ensure if there are any signs of of damage. A broken battery must now not be charged as it could lead to leakage, overheating, or even explosion.

  • Connect the Charger Properly:

Now, you need to connect the connections of charger to the terminals. Ensure the connections are secure and correct to avoid quick circuits or opposite polarity, that can harm the battery and charger.

  • Watch  the Charging Process:

It’s important to look and watch the battery while it’s getting charged. Modern chargers usually have built-in tracking systems that modify the charging procedure, however, it’s nonetheless essential to supervise to stumble on any unusual behavior along with immoderate heating or gradual charging.

  • Avoid Overcharging:

Once the battery reaches one hundred%, disconnect it from the charger right away. Overcharging can degrade the battery’s cells, reducing its lifespan and performance. Many chargers come with automatic cut-off functions that forestall charging whilst the battery is complete.

Sony SR626SW Battery Equivalent

The Sony SR626SW is a famous button cellular battery utilized in various small electronic devices which include watches, calculators, and scientific devices. It is thought for its reliability and regular overall performance. However, several equal batteries may be used as replacements if the SR626SW is unavailable.

Equivalent Batteries

  • 377 Battery:

The 377 battery is the most unusual Sony SR626SW battery equivalent. It stocks equal dimensions and voltage, making it an excellent substitute.

  • AG4 Battery:

The AG4 battery, also called LR626, is another appropriate opportunity. It is an alkaline battery with the same length but generally gives a shorter lifespan compared to silver oxide cells like the SR626SW.

  • LR66 Battery:

The LR66 is some other alkaline equal. While it’s far less unusual, it can nonetheless function as a replacement for the SR626SW in well-matched devices.


Charging a 4680 battery to 100 calls for attention to elements and adherence to exceptional practices to ensure certain safety and sturdiness. For small electronic devices, several batteries can use Sony SR626SW battery equivalent, each providing various levels of performance primarily based on their chemical composition 


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