Why you should use a link-building company UK for your international SEO 

If you’re ready to take your business global then implementing an international SEO strategy is the way to do it. International SEO is complex, and it’s wise to use a link building company UK to help build a successful international SEO strategy. 

International SEO puts your website at the top of the search results for the countries you choose to target, increasing the number of visitors to your site and improving your sales or leads. 

International SEO is an intricate and complicated process, especially as Google continually updates its algorithm. The complexities of international SEO begin with your audience; you’ll be targeting an audience in a different country, who use a different language and potentially different search methods. 

A link building company UK will grow your audience through international SEO

Analysing your current customers is a great place to start building out your international SEO strategy. A link building company UK will help you examine any existing international audiences you can start to target more seriously, for example if you’re already performing reasonably well in another country or region, a link building company UK will help you capitalise on that relationship by focusing your international SEO in these regions. 

A link building company UK will also be experts in understanding how international audiences search; like Baidu in China. Your international SEO strategy needs to consider the way that the target audience searches for things online. 

A link building company UK will do their research

Along with staying on top of Google’s constant algorithm changes, it’s important to research what your competitors are doing to increase their reach overseas. You may have a competitor who is doing well in a different country, and you think your product is a worthy alternative. 

A link building company UK will stay on top of Google’s algorithm updates and analyse your competitors to make sure that the market you are targeting is large enough for competitor brands to enter. 

They’ll also investigate markets where there’s no competitor brands and help you find monopolise that market with a strong international SEO strategy. 

Get backlinks from a link building company UK for international SEO success

The expertise of a link building company UK will help you achieve SEO success through a targeted backlinking strategy. 

Backlinks help Google rank your site in search results. Websites link out to other websites to provide more information or a new resource. When a website links out to an external website, it’s demonstrating trust in the external site’s content or product. This link is called a backlink.

Backlinks are an important part of how Google determines where a website ranks in search results. 

Backlinks for international SEO should form a huge part of your strategy. A link-building company UK will help you navigate the complexities of international backlinking, by: 

  • Researching and creating content for geo-targeted keywords
  • Establishing connections in your target market with reputable bloggers or websites.
  • Building your links through local business directories.

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