The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring: Rare Carat’s Expertise

An engagement ring symbolizes commitment, love, marriage and importance. Unfortunately, it can be tough to choose the right engagement ring from the best online diamond store as there are different options available, and knowing where to start can be challenging. 

Our guide will let you explore the steps which you must take before buying a 2 carat radiant cut diamond from Rare Carat. You will also come to know some important tips which need attention. In the end, you will be able to decide which ring you must buy for your wedding or engagement.

Step 1: Set Your Budget

Before you buy an engagement ring, it is vital to set out your budget. As there are different ring options with a variety of prices so you need to find out the right ring that comes under your budget or nearly comes to budget. It is better to invest your 2-3 months salary on your engagement ring but always consider the budget that keeps you comfortable. 

Step 2: Consider the Four Cs

Consideration of 4Cs is important because it refers to carat weight, its color, cut and clarity of the diamond. These are important factors before buying an engagement ring because these can tell how well the diamond is cut and the frequency of its sparkling. 

However you may also know the clarity of diamond with less imperfections in it. On the other hand, you may check the hue of the diamond as white diamond is very famous. In the end carat weight tells you what the size of diamond is because large diamonds are costly. 

Step 3: Choose a Setting

Ensure to choose the right setting as it can tell what holds the diamond. There are a variety of settings to choose from. These include pave, channel, prong and bezel. All settings are unique with a unique feel and look so you may choose the setting that better suits your style. 

Step 4: Decide on a Metal

Ensure you find the right metal for your engagement ring. The famous metals for rings are white gold, platinum and yellow gold. Platinum is durable and costly; however, white and yellow gold are affordable options. 

Step 5: Choose a Ring Style

Engagement rings are available in a variety of styles that range from classic to modern with many diamonds. It means you have to choose the right ring style that better matches your taste and style. 

Step 6: Consider a Custom Ring

If it is impossible to find the right engagement ring as per your preferences then you may consider a custom ring. This way you can easily customize the beautiful and special ring. 

Step 7: Buy from a Reputable Jeweler

Always buy your engagement ring from the reputable jeweler. Ensure to check if the jeweler is reliable and offer different rings with high quality diamond and setting. Also check if the jeweler offers a warranty and return policy. 


If you want the right and perfectly fit band for your engagement ring then you need to consider the shape and size of the center gem with which this band will fit. Common jewelers offer the right shape and size of the band for a variety of settings. So ensure to buy the band at the time of buying of the ring to avoid any mismatch or replacement.

However if you have wide hands with short fingers that are also sensitive then you need to find an engagement ring with north/south orientation to get an elegant look as well as it can make the hand look large. 

Diamond rings sets are very famous among girls but at the same time, there are many issues of cracking and chipping of gems by wearing them. So women with an active life don’t prefer this type of style. So they prefer the gems present on the top of the ring. 


It is concluded that buying an engagement ring is a challenging task, but with the above-mentioned steps, you can easily find the right ring for your loved one. Make sure to consider your budget, the metal you want for the ring and most importantly, find a reputable jeweler. Hopefully, you will find a better engagement ring. For more detailed exploration, watch the Rare Carat rings formation at (


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