Master PUBG Mobile’s Portal Staff: Teleport Tactics to Win

 In PUBG Mobile’s latest 3.1 update, the introduction of the portal staff has added an exciting dimension to the gameplay. This mystical item empowers players to create temporary portals, facilitating swift movement across the map and strategically outmaneuvering their adversaries. Mastering the intricacies of this unique tool can bestow a significant advantage, elevating your gameplay to new levels. 

Key Points: – The portal staff is a game-changing addition in the PUBG Mobile 3.1 update, offering players the ability to create temporary portals for tactical maneuvering. – Understanding the mechanics and potential of the portal staff is crucial for gaining a competitive edge in the game. – Obtaining the portal staff during a match is essential, and it can be found as floor loot or in airdrops. – Once acquired, players can access the throwables menu to select the portal staff option and harness its power for strategic advantage.

Using the portal staff in PUBG Mobile is quite simple. When using the portal staff, you just need to aim at your desired destination and then activate the staff. This will open a portal at the selected location, while simultaneously creating a second portal near your current position. These dual portals serve as a temporary gateway, allowing you and your teammates to teleport instantly between the two points. 

There are various tactics that can be employed with the portal staff. One effective tactic is to open a portal behind an enemy squad, which enables you and your team to launch a surprise attack from an unexpected angle. Additionally, the portals can be used to quickly reach advantageous positions, secure high ground, or escape from difficult situations. It’s important to note that portals can be utilized from both ends, so it’s essential to deploy your portal in a location that enemies cannot reach quickly, such as rooftops or high grounds. Furthermore, vehicles such as buggies and motorcycles can also be taken through the portal to create cover at the other side and gain an advantage. 

In summary, the portal staff in PUBG Mobile offers a strategic advantage by providing instant teleportation, allowing players to outmaneuver opponents and gain the upper hand in various combat situations.One effective offensive strategy involves using throwables like grenades or molotov cocktails to target enemies camping on the other side of a portal. By creating a portal near the enemy’s location and throwing the explosives through, you can catch them off guard. This tactic allows you to eliminate camped enemies without risking a direct confrontation, as long as you combine it with strategic repositioning.

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