Is your 3rd grader struggling with Math? Here are some tips to make it easy for them

Were you an anti-fan of math in your childhood? Well, from hating math to helping kids with math problems, you have come a long way. Now, it’s your turn to help your kids with mathematics. Well, third grade is a major time for a child’s math development. This sets the foundation of major mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

But is your 3rd grader struggling with math too? Do they hate it, too? Well, fret not! This article is here to help you with this trouble. Mathematics does not have to be so difficult. Every question and solution has its own thrill and excitement. With effective tips coming up, your child will be able to overcome the challenges in mathematics and may also stop running away from them. So, without further adieu, let’s get started–

Make Math Compulsory

Well, be it any age, math anxiety is a real deal. So to minimize the fear of math, don’t just limit it to a page or book. Math is everywhere, like when you go grocery shopping, when you cook, or play board games like carroms. Ask your child to do simple exercises like calculate the total cost of groceries, measure the ingredients or keep a count of scores in a game. This practical knowledge will help them understand the concepts better and keep them engaged.

Create a Positive Math Environment

To learn something, one must have a positive attitude towards it. So one of the intitial steps is to avoid projecting and negativity towards math onto your kids. Talk to them about the importance of math, how it can be useful in our lives. Acknowledge their small efforts in solving any problem. Let them know their efforts are seen which would motivate them to do more.

Keep Practicing

Math demands practice! To improve, dedicate specific time to practicing math on a daily basis. This involves helping your kids with their daily assignments, giving them math problems to solve, playing math games, or solving math worksheets with them. Try not to overdo it and keep it fun for them. Start with small problems, and once they master them, increase the difficulty. Practicing consistently will not only make their foundation strong but also develop curiosity in them for solving problems.

Math Mentorship

Seeking professional help has proven to be the best at times. Parents who cannot fully figure out a way to help their kids with math can hire an online tutor for 3rd grader. They can personally provide care and attention to the child, catering to their specific learning patterns and pace. With the tutor, you can monitor your child’s progress and understand your child’s needs. Even for your child, a tutor can be helpful as they can be more open to the tutor than in class, which would give them the opportunity to learn more with more doubts.

Go for Math Field Trips

Do not limit learning to just closed classrooms. Take it outside, go on math themed field trips. After all, who doesn’t love a trip. Visit to museums and science that offer interactive activities related to mathematics. Encourage kids to participate in those activities and gain hand-on experience as they explore the mathematical concepts in the real world.

Magic Tricks Using Math

We can all agree to the fact that magic can keep anyone engaged. Especially when it comes to a 3rd grader, they love it. So why not turn math into a magical experience by teaching kids some math tricks.

For instance, teach them how to multiply any number with 9 and see if it is divisible by 3 or 6. For this, spread out all your fingers, lower the finger corresponding to the number, and count the fingers on the left and right sides separately, then place them together, and you’ll have the answer. For example, to multiply by 7, lower the 7th finger from your left thumb; you’ll have 6 fingers to the left and 3 fingers to the right; put them together, and you get 63 (the answer). For divisibility by 3 or 6, add up the digits and check if the sum meets the divisibility criteria.

These tricks are engaging and also develop mental math skills in kids.


Helping kids with any subject requires your patience and an encouraging and supportive learning environment for your child. These tips might help you in some ways to reduce math anxiety and create a positive attitude in your children towards it. With the right guidance, you can build a strong foundation for your kid.

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