How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue for Your Big Day

When it comes to creating your dream wedding, the perfect venue is non-negotiable.

Whether you envision tying the knot outdoors amongst towering pine as the golden sun dips low over the horizon, or indoors in a recently refurbished art deco building with floor-to-ceiling windows. The venue you choose is key to creating the overall atmosphere and vibe.

Because this is such a monumental decision, we’re spilling all the details to help make sure that wherever you get married, it exceeds your wildest dreams.


What is your dream wedding venue?

As tempting as it may be to dive right in and immediately start checking out wedding venues, it’s important to first be clear about the vision you have of your big day. This ensures everything stays cohesive and keeps you on the right track. You’re going to see a lot of gorgeous venues, but that doesn’t mean they’re all going to fit your vision.

Lay out the vibe. Are you looking for something historic? Something with indoor-outdoor space? Are you going for ethereal, or eclectic? Modern maybe?

Go as deep into the details as you can. What kind of lighting is there? What are the bridesmaids wearing? (Check out Bella Bridesmaids if you’re unsure, they have an incredible dress selection!)

Being uber-descriptive helps search results land exactly what you’re looking for—either online through keywords or offline as you describe your ideal venue to a wedding planner.

Revisit your dreams—your vision of your wedding day—and take detailed notes.

What is your wedding venue budget?

Being aware of what your budget is before you begin your search is another crucial step. There are all sorts of venues at all sorts of price points, and quite frankly it’s a waste of time if you visit some that are beyond what you’re able to afford.

When scooping out venues within your price range, look for fun and unique ways you can play up or use the various architectural details or sprawling grounds to your advantage.

What amenities do you need?

Depending on the type of wedding you’re putting together, there are probably specific requirements needed in order to pull it off.

If you’re intent on serving a Michelin-inspired meal, you’ll likely need a venue that has a chef’s kitchen. If you dream of a lively dance floor, your venue needs to be able to accommodate that, as well as a stage for the band to set up.

List the amenities you need a venue to have. Don’t forget the basics, such as tables, chairs, and linens. Then, when checking out potential spots, go over your list to make sure the venue has everything you need.

What does the venue look like in real life?

Okay, now that you’re clear about what you’re looking for it’s time to start checking out venues. Don’t forget to bring your list of requirements.

In addition, there are other points that are worthwhile to check for, or ask the property manager during your viewing. Here are a few of the important ones:


These are some important accessibility-related questions:


  • Will your out-of-town guests be able to find the venue and commute there easily?
  • How many vehicles can the parking lot hold?
  • Does the venue have the necessary accommodations for guests in wheelchairs?

Think about other similar questions specific to your wedding that may be important to ask.


Does the venue work with preferred vendors? If so, are there vendors you’d be interested in using for your wedding?

Also, make sure the venue doesn’t have any restrictions that may put a damper on how you’re planning to celebrate—for example, a no fireworks policy on your 4th of July wedding might be a bit of a downer.

Contingency plans

Do they have a generator to provide backup electricity if the power goes out? Do they have awnings that can be erected to cover the back patio in case of rain?

If there’s anything you’re worried about, it’s okay to inquire about it and see if they have a workaround.

Does the venue support your vision?

It’s always a good idea to share your vision for your wedding—from food to entertainment and décor—to establish first if it’s doable, and second, if they have any ideas or ways to maximize it, help bring it all to life.

Read the reviews

Be sure to check out reviews from others who’ve hosted their event at that particular venue. Among other things, reviews can provide valuable insight into how accommodating, responsive, and involved the owners and management are.

Check availability

Of course, checking that the venue is available when you plan on tying the knot is a no-brainer.

Another thing you need to be aware of is the number of hours you’re renting the venue for. That way, you know exactly how much time you have to set up beforehand, and when to clean up and clear out after the celebration is over.

Read any contracts thoroughly, and ask questions if there’s something that isn’t all that clear.


By being methodical in your approach and keeping your vision first and foremost in your mind, you are much more likely to see your wedding dreams come true.

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