How Often Should You Use LED Light Therapy For Best Results?

How Often Should You Use LED Light Therapy For Best Results

Who doesn’t long for youthful, radiant skin? Luckily, today’s tech-savvy products allow you to achieve spa-like results from the comfort of your home. How? LED light therapy. This new trending technique promises to contour your face, heighten your complexion, and treat various skin ailments. 

Whether you’re new to the LED game or an experienced pro, top tips are an asset to all and ensure you get the most out of your mask. Read on to discover more.

Consistency is Key 


When it comes to using your omnilux led mask, being consistent is crucial. This will help you to achieve the best results. Although this appliance is perfectly safe to use daily, Omnilux experts recommend three to five treatments per week.

This will ensure results that are long-lasting as opposed to a quick fix. It will also act as a preventative method, keeping the likes of dark circles, fine lines and skin pigmentation at bay.  

When to Use Your Mask

As for timings, it makes no difference whether you use your mask day, night, or bang in the middle of the day. Choose a time that suits your lifestyle. Most find adding it to their existing skincare routine easiest. However, if you work shifts or travel often, use when you have the time. 

Try to use this time as a moment to relax, half an away from the chores of everyday life. Pop on some music, dim the lights, and don your favorite comfy clothes before popping on your mask. 

Get into a Routine


As with everything, embracing a routine ensures you never forget to use your mask. If you are more of a morning person or have the luxury of working from home, donning your LED device as soon as you wake, after cleansing your face, is a great time to use your LED mask. This treatment works better on cleansed skin, as without oil and makeup, the light therapy can penetrate your skin more effectively. 

Have you ever enjoyed an LED treatment as part of a spa facial? You will notice that your beauty therapist usually pops the mask on after they’ve cleansed your skin. The same rule should be applied to your at-home treatment. 

Once you’ve finished your treatment, continue with your normal skincare routine and add serum, moisturizers, or oil to your face post-treatment.

If you have more time in the evenings, once you have wiped away the daily grime from your face (the skin to create a barrier), cover your entire face with the mask. It should boast a snug fit, without gaps between the device and your skin.

How Long Should You Use Your Mask for? 

LED masks boast various settings, and can be programmed in response to skin ailments. Some will leave them on for 15 minutes, others 20, and some for half an hour. The mask will automatically turn off when your session is complete. 

As mentioned earlier, use your mask between three and five times per week. This should be for a time scale of four weeks. 

However, not all skin types and needs are the same. For best results, revert to your manual or speak to a specialist to ensure you’re using your device for the correct period. 

Advantages of Incorporating LED Therapy In Skincare Routine 


LED light therapy boasts various skin-savvy benefits, including lessening inflammation, boosting collagen production, and heightening tone and texture. As our skin texture deteriorates and fine lines start to appear, our self-confidence starts to fluctuate. Light therapy helps to counteract this. 

When used consistently, you’ll notice an improvement to your skin’s appearance in a short period. When you remove the mask from your face after use, it is common for your skin to appear flushed or rosy. This is normal and these effects will lessen within minutes. 

How Does The Mask Work?

Light therapy has come on leaps and bounds and is hugely popular in the beauty world. It embraces a treatment that involves exposure to bright light. This has the effect of heightening our mental health and regulating our circadian rhythm. In addition, light therapy can treat SAD, sleep disorders, and major depressive disorders.

The lights, which boast a soft, white glow, are massively beneficial to your skin. Once in place, it’s normal to experience a warmth emanating from the mask. This isn’t painful and instead has the effect of brightening, toning, and tightening your skin.

For best results and to prolong the lifespan of your face mask, store it in a cool, dry place, void of exposure to high temperatures and sunlight, as this can damage the LED lights.

The Bottom Line 

With the right tools, salon results can be achieved in the comfort of your home. Provided you use your LED light therapy device for the correct amount of time, and apply it to cleansed skin, you will notice results in little to no time. 

The best part? You can apply the mask at a time that suits you. 

For best results, replace your mask every four to six months. This will ensure utmost performance and ensure you always get the most from your mask.


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