Campervan Tours – Let’s Travel to a Destination Where Natural Wonders and Human Intervention Define the Experiences

Some destinations offer vast experiences and opportunities for tourists, so they feel compelled to explore their charm again. New Zealand is one of them. People generally associate this country with the Kiwi bird, national parks, and the movie The Lord of the Rings. But these are only a tiny glimpse of the country. It has many other reference points, evoking others to call it by their favourite epithets or names, such as Middle Earth, Land of the Long White Cloud, etc. Nevertheless, a place recalled in many ways is loved for its uniqueness and diversity. The beautiful landscapes and hospitable locals ensure you enjoy every bit of your time here.

Looking for an affordable and liberating vacation? Consider campervan hire New Zealand. This unique way of travel allows you to explore the country at your own pace, driving to your chosen locations hassle-free. But what should you aim for when travelling to this country? Let’s delve into its hidden and attractive treasures for an idea.

  • Things to do and see in New Zealand

The country is divided into north and south islands. On the north side, you will be greeted by subtropical forests and beaches. The south peninsula offers majestic views of the snow-laden mountains, glaciers, and lakes. However, its expansive landscape tapestry is also dotted with hot springs, meandering green pastures, volcanoes, and fjords. One of the unblemished lands is Cathedral Cove, where the two independent coves on either side of the cliff form a cathedral-like arch, creating a magnificent spectacle for onlookers. To taste culture and traditional roots, visit Tamaki Māori village south of Rotorua for fond memories. You can sample the songs, food, and traditions prevalent in the older communities.

If you are a wine lover, you must visit Marlborough, the country’s renowned wine producer. New Zealand’s sunshine, sea breezes, and ocean climate add to the superior taste of the wine. Whether you travel north or south, many wineries are accessible, so you don’t have to worry about missing an opportunity. To see rare wildlife scenes like sperm whales, plan a trip to Kaikoura, a coastal town. You can also get tasty seafood here.

  • Best time for New Zealand tours

The peak season for tourists is December to February. However, the choice of the time can be personal and vary based on the nature of the vacation. For the snow, June to August is better. You will have North Island in mind if you are eyeing beach holidays and water activities. The best time for outdoor fun is summer, as the temperatures remain mild, and there is only a slim chance of rain. On the North Island, a campervan tour in Auckland can be perfect. However, those looking for snow and skiing opportunities must head to Queenstown and other places during winter from June to October.

Some tourists make their travel itineraries too busy by incorporating as many places and activities as possible. Please avoid this mistake. A destination like New Zealand warrants multiple visits to help you absorb its richness of natural and human-made wonders. Some distances can be very long, too. Hence, it’s better to curate your tour carefully.

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