Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Can Cause Leukemia: How Much Payout Can Survivors Expect? 

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Can Cause Leukemia: How Much Payout Can Survivors Expect? 

Victims who have been exposed to the polluted waters at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 have suffered serious medical conditions and ailments. Unfortunately, several people have died because of the life-threatening diseases caused by this toxic exposure. Leukemia seems to be one ailment that people in this region suffered from because of the contaminated water.

After the new legislation was signed into law back in August 2022, with the CLJA (Camp Lejeune Justice Act), close to 100,000 claims and more than 1,100 lawsuits have been filed. The plaintiffs allege that the government should have known or already knew about the toxic waters, but failed to secure the ones who got exposed to it.

In this article, we will discuss the link between the toxic waters at Camp Lejeune and leukemia, as well as how much a survivor can expect as a settlement payout.

Link Between Leukemia and the Toxic Waters at Camp Lejeune

The fatal contaminants that were found in the polluted waters at Camp Lejeune comprised many VOCs (volatile organic compounds), such as vinyl chloride, benzene, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, and dichloroethylene. These chemicals are known to increase the chances of various ailments, including leukemia. There is a high chance of benzene resulting in AML (acute myeloid leukemia), which is a fatal cancer with a 5-year survival rate of less than 30%.

Leukemia is a life-threatening disease with a few mild and slow forms that might not show any symptoms to start with. Irrespective of the kind of adult leukemia, it has a drastic impact on the patient and their loved ones. It’s because both the diagnosis and the treatments are physically and mentally taxing and expensive as well.

Many factors will affect the compensation that the victims who have suffered from this ailment because of the exposure to Camp Lejeune waters will receive. And that doesn’t depend on the various types of leukemia and the treatment, but on the duration for which the victim was exposed to the fatal chemicals.

Victims can file a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit in case their CLJA claim doesn’t get resolved within six months. Additionally, the ‘Elective Option’ is another option for the victims to get compensated for this ailment. Ideally, the victim should discuss their options with an expert lawyer to know what will work best in their favor.

The Compensation Options Available

Years ago, the VA disability benefits had added leukemia as one of the presumptive conditions for the service members who stayed at Camp Lejeune because the wells had been polluted. However, it wasn’t until President Joe Biden signed the Honoring Our PACT Act into law in August 2022 that people had the chance to ask for compensation.

The initial step for any Camp Lejeune resident who has suffered from leukemia is to file a legal claim with the help of a lawyer. After that, a lawsuit can be filed if the claim doesn’t get processed on time. The government had failed to resolve most CLJA claims in the first six months after the legislation had passed. As a result, there has been a steady increase in exposure lawsuits since January 2023.

Leukemia is one of the nine ailments that qualify for the Camp Lejeune Elective Option settlement payouts. This disease is a Tier 1 diagnosis that comes under the elective option, which means the survivors who have leukemia are eligible for maximum payouts. If you have lost a loved one to this ailment, you can receive an added $100,000 for this wrongful death claim.

The payout that any Camp Lejeune survivor can get for leukemia can be divided as follows:

  • Up to $150,000 for 30 to 364 days of exposure
  • Up to $300,000 for about 5 years of exposure
  • Up to $450,000 for an exposure level of 5 years or more

Elective Option for Leukemia Payout: The Pros and Cons

It is necessary to know the pros and cons of the Elective Option as a payout option for leukemia. For a few victims, the settlement option might be the ideal choice for compensation, however, that is not true for all.

Are you wondering why? It’s because if you have lost a dear one or suffered from leukemia because of toxic water exposure, the impact of the ailment can extend much beyond the highest settlement amounts under the Elective Option. Furthermore, one doesn’t know whether the survivors can get the Elective Option settlement cash fast.

TorHoerman Law states that the victim’s medical costs, lost enjoyment of their life, lost wages, and others can impact the leukemia diagnosis and treatment. And this might just be worth more via a lawsuit. This is the reason the victims need to get in touch with an expert lawyer to know everything about their legal options before selecting the Elective Option.

In conclusion, of the many diseases that people have suffered from because of the toxic waters at Camp Lejeune, leukemia is one of them. Many people have lost their loved ones to this disease. If you have experienced this, you can seek legal compensation by filing a lawsuit or by opting for the Elective Option. It is necessary to consult an ace lawyer to decide on what works best for you.

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