Benefits of ISO 14001 in EMS

For the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry, achieving environmental goals comes hand in hand with practical benefits, which can be leveraged by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Read this article to learn more about these advantages.

Improved Cost-Effectiveness

The framework outlined in the ISO 14001 standard helps electronics manufacturing companies reduce waste by increasing resource usage efficiency, including materials and energy. This, in turn, translates into higher cost-effectiveness in manufacturing.

Production process optimisation is one of the most efficient ways to increase a company’s profits without raising prices for services or reducing their quality for financial savings. Even if aligning electronics production with ISO 14001 guidelines requires financial investment, new sustainable business practices can lead to long-term cost savings and, consequently, higher profits.

This is further reinforced by the continual improvement required for positive outcomes during the regular audits and reviews mandated by the certification process.

Regulatory Compliance

To launch certain electronic devices in some markets, OEMs must meet stringent regulatory rules. For example, introducing electronic equipment to the European Union requires compliance not only with health and safety standards but also with environmental protection regulations.

On the one hand, aligning electronics production with the ISO 14001 standard framework makes it easier for OEMs to meet the EU’s environmental protection regulatory requirements. On the other hand, the credibility of the ISO 14001 certificate makes it an effective way to demonstrate commitment to sustainable production to EU regulatory institutions.

The regions recognising ISO 14001 are not limited to the EU. The US, Canada, Australia, and Japan are some of the markets that also acknowledge compliance with this international standard.

Enhanced Business Opportunities

Cooperating with contract manufacturers who have obtained ISO 14001 certification like Poland-based Assel helps OEMs enter the EU market with their electronic devices. However, this is only one of the business opportunities they can harness.

By obtaining environmental certification, companies gain a competitive edge as more customers become eco-aware, preferring devices with reduced ecological footprints and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Furthermore, environmental sustainability has become a crucial part of an OEM’s brand and public image, helping build trust with customers, regulators, investors, business partners, and the community.


By partnering with a contract electronics manufacturer who has obtained ISO 14001 certification, OEMs can swiftly comply with the ecological regulations of many markets, optimise the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing processes, and improve their reputation. To learn more about cooperating with an ISO 14001-certified provider of electronics manufacturing services, visit


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