A guide to buying used electric cars in the UK, including a free vehicle history check.

The shift to electric vehicles (EVs) significantly changes vehicle choice. With the promise of reducing emissions and lower running costs, it’s no surprise that more drivers in the UK are considering making the switch; however, buying a second-hand electric car offers its considerations and potential pitfalls. That is where a thorough vehicle inspection is necessary.

Fear not, future EV owner! This guide will be your trusty roadmap, packed with everything you need to know to find your perfect used electric car in the UK without getting a nasty surprise down the line.

Step 1: Know Your Needs

Before you dive headfirst into listings, consider your everyday needs. How many ways do you usually tour every day? Do you have access to off-road parking to put in a domestic charger?

Electric vehicle degrees vary substantially, so deciding on one that can manage your daily commute without needing a pinnacle-up every five minutes is vital. Research distinctive fashions and their marketed degrees, but don’t remember that the numbers are frequently primarily based on the best conditions. Factors in real-world situations like climate, using style, and using capabilities like aircon can all affect variety.

Step 2: Research, Research, Research!

Once you’ve got a shortlist of ability models, it is time to delve into some critical studies. Here are a few key areas to be aware of:

Battery Health: This is the big one! Unlike a petroleum engine, an EV’s battery is its heart and soul. Battery degradation is natural, but a massive drop in variety can considerably impact your driving experience. Look for facts on the auto’s battery capability (kWh) when new and any available statistics on its current fitness.

Service History: A comprehensive provider history is critical for any used automobile, specifically an EV. Look for records of ordinary protection, battery assessments and software updates. This will provide you with peace of mind and spotlight any underlying problems.

Charging Compatibility: There are specific sorts of charging connectors, so make sure the automobile you select is well suited to your private home charger and the public charging network you propose to use.

Step 3: Get a Vehicle History Check

A thorough vehicle check (sometimes called an inspection or health check) is crucial before you commit to buying a used EV. At the same time, a standard vehicle check will cover the basics, like brakes and tyres; finding a garage specializing in EVs is essential.! Many online used car platforms and dealerships now offer a free vehicle history check service. 

The Auto Experts is a premier destination for comprehensive car checks in the UK, offering unparalleled value for money. 

Single Check: The most popular option is the single check, which costs a budget-friendly £9.99. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a quick overview of a car’s history before you buy it. Included with car write off check, finance details, stolen flag status and much more.

Multi-Check Packages: A multi-check package might be more cost-effective if you buy multiple cars shortly. The Auto Experts offer 3 checks for £6.66 and 5 checks for £4.99. These packages allow you to spread the cost out over multiple checks, making them ideal for car enthusiasts or those in the car-buying business.

Trade Checks: The Auto Experts also cater to high-volume buyers with trade deals. Starting from 10 Trade Checks at £ 3.99 per check, 20 Trade Checks at £ 3.49 per check and  50 Trade Checks at £ 2.99 per check.

Car Valuation: The Auto Experts offers a premium car valuation check for £2.99. This valuation includes dealer forecourt price, trade retail price, private, clean price, private average price, and part exchange price.

Step 4: Check your driving time!

So, you found a car that ticked all the boxes, and the car test came back clean. Now it’s time to get behind the wheel and experience electric car magic! Book a test drive and see how well the car handles, accelerates and brakes. Does the range displayed on the dashboard seem accurate based on your driving style?

Step 5: Communication

Armed with your research, vehicle test results, and test-driving experience, you are now in a strong position to negotiate with the dealer. Remember, battery health is a major driver of EV value, so use any data showing a decline to your advantage.

Once you agree on a price, get a written contract outlining all the terms of the sale, including the warranty provided.

Bonus Tip: Factor in Home Charging

While the initial price of an EV is probably higher than that of a petroleum car, the long-term financial savings on fuel can be substantial. However, you will want an excellent way to maximize those financial savings to maximize your car home in a single day. When budgeting for your new EV, factor in the cost of installing a domestic charger.

Congratulations! You’ve effectively navigated the United Kingdom’s exciting world of used electric-powered vehicles. With cautious studies, an intensive vehicle check (and maybe a loose automobile test to get you started!), and a piece of negotiation, you’re properly on your way to a clean, zero-emission level. Now, position the pedal to the metallic (nicely, gently ease your foot on the accelerator!), and experience the journey!

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