8 Trendy Lamp Shade Colours for Brass Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights that are made from brass have a classic look and will help introduce a touch of class to any space. The right lampshade can complement this to produce the right ambience and, at the same time, serve its intended purpose in the best way possible. Below is the list of eight fashionable lampshade colours that would accentuate brass ceiling lights in a classy way as per your preference.

1. Classic White

Elegance and Simplicity

The best lamp shades for brass ceiling lights are white ones because of their suitability and unpretentiousness. The white shades also lend a clean and pure feeling to the interior, which is accentuated by the warm brass details, thus establishing a harmonious colour scheme in the interior. In addition, white shades allow light to be reflected to the maximum degree, thus creating a good lighting effect.

2. Soft Grey

Modern and Subtle

The lamp shades, in a soft grey hue, provide a modern touch to the brass ceiling lights. This neutral colour complements the warm brass, as it’s not too striking but still adds a hint of style. Many people prefer grey shades for today’s interiors since the colour does not dominate the interior but complements the overall design.

3. Rich Navy

Bold and Regal

For a more daring design, rich navy for the lampshades can be very effective as well. The deep blue colour looks great as a background and is set against the shiny brass, which makes the interior look very noble and wealthy. Navy shades are perfect for the rooms in which you’d like to add some colour accents while making the overall mood more severe and profound.

4. Warm Beige

Cosy and Inviting

Warm beige shades add more warmth and welcoming nature to brass ceiling lights. This warm and earthy shade perfectly matches the warmth of brass notes, and the overall impression is very cosy. Neutral colours are always appropriate, and beige tones can easily fit into traditional as well as modern interiors.

5. Vibrant Mustard

Playful and Energetic

When it comes to selecting lampshades that will bring a jolly and spirited accent to the interior, mustard-coloured ones are perfect. This bold colour complements brass ceiling lights, making them shine more gold than the usual brass material. Mustard shades can provide playfulness and cosiness to the room and should, therefore, be used in informal or bohemian-style homes.

6. Deep Emerald

Luxurious and Rich

Dark green and emerald lamp shades are luxurious and rich in appearance, which perfectly complements the style of brass ceiling lights. The dark green colour looks great with the brass accents; the combination gives a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. Emerald shades are suitable for providing interiors with a glamorous and rich look, which is quite pleasing to the eye.

7. Soft Blush Pink

Delicate and Feminine

Pink harp lamp shades give a more gentle and romantic look to brass pendant lamps. This soft shade of pink also matches well with the warm tone of the brass, thus offering a rather delicate and refined look. The use of blush pink colours cannot be overemphasized because they do not flood the space with colour but are rather unassuming and can be used in bedrooms and living rooms.

8. Sleek Black

Chic and Contemporary

Vane shapes and black lamp shades give a glossy, modern feel when used with brass ceiling lights. Despite the combination of black and brass is quite simple, it looks very fresh and somewhat provocative. Black shades can be effective in creating an ambience of drama and sophistication in the rooms and thus can work with different interior designs.


Selecting the right colour for your lamp shades to go with your brass ceiling lights can be of great help in improving the look of your home. If you like traditional looking, white is the perfect colour for you, if you are more of a risk taker, navy can help you make a statement, and if you like the feel of luxury, emerald will not leave you indifferent. By incorporating these trendy colours into your brass ceiling lights, it becomes easy to beautify your interior decoration and make your ceiling lights into showpieces.

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