What Should You Do If You’re in a Car Accident in Colorado?

The moment you never wanted to experience – your car collides with another on the highway. As the shock wears off, swirling thoughts of “what now?” emerge. In these critical moments after an accident in Colorado, knowing your next steps can make all the difference.

Exchange Information

After a car accident, the involved drivers should first check for any injuries to themselves or others. If there are no injuries, and both vehicles can be safely operated, the drivers should move their cars to the side of the road so as not to block traffic. However, if there are any injuries, moving the vehicles should be avoided until emergency services arrive for safety reasons.

Once the vehicles are parked and immediate medical needs have been addressed, the drivers should exchange pertinent identifying information. They should share their full names, residential addresses, and vehicle registration numbers. Drivers are also legally required to present their driver’s licenses if requested by the other party.

If an injured individual is unable to receive this information directly due to their condition, the driver must provide it to the responding police officer instead.

State law additionally mandates that insurance details be shared between the involved motorists. This ensures all parties have the necessary contact and coverage information in the event of any legal or financial proceedings resulting from the accident.

Provide Appropriate Help

Legal guidelines mandate that help be offered in a reasonably suitable manner.

You must arrange transportation or propose a ride for any individual involved in the incident if it seems they may need medical care. The same applies if the person simply requests assistance, even if injury is not evident.

If unsure of where to direct them, one highly reputed trauma facility is Denver Health Medical Center, near Cherry Creek in the La Alma/Lincoln Park area. This hospital has experience handling emergencies. Providing contact information for emergency medical professionals can help ensure those affected get the treatment they need in a timely manner.

Take Legal Help

Dealing with an injury can feel overwhelming as you navigate the next steps. Let us say you had an accident in Colorado Springs. Those harmed by negligence have legal options to pursue compensation.

According to Springs Law Group, medical bills from accidents or injuries pile up rapidly, even for those with health insurance. Treatment costs for vehicle accidents or other personal injury incidents create significant financial strain.

An experienced Colorado Springs personal injury attorney understands managing healthcare expenses and works to secure payment covering present and future medical needs.

Injuries may force time away from employment, yet bills continue accumulating. Personal injury claims address lost income during recovery, whether days, weeks, or longer. The attorney assists in ensuring compensation for wage losses.

Emotional trauma can be as debilitating as physical harm, though less tangible. Victims struggle with quantifying impacts like anxiety, PTSD, or reduced quality of life. However, these intangibles are important parts of personal injury resolutions. With a lawyer’s help, all relevant damages from negligent acts can be pursued.

For Colorado Springs residents facing injury issues, an attorney provides guidance in navigating legal options for addressing financial and emotional burdens beyond healthcare alone. Their expertise supports achieving just outcomes through insurance claims or litigation if needed.

Claim Insurance

It is important to promptly contact your auto insurance provider regarding any accidents or claims. If there is a delay in reporting or a lack of cooperation, the insurance company may use that as grounds to deny coverage of damages from the accident. For peace of mind, consider having a friend or lawyer assist you in working with insurance companies during the claims process.

Liability coverage from car insurance policies generally extends to hit-and-run accidents, covering injuries to others and legal defense costs. However, unless full coverage, including collision, is in place, reimbursement for vehicle repairs from the accident likely would not be included.

Even without identifying the at-fault driver, uninsured motorist coverage could still apply to out-of-pocket costs and losses for victims of hit-and-runs. Communicating openly and truthfully with the insurance company is key to receiving benefits owed under the valid terms of an insurance policy.


1. Where do I report an accident in Colorado?

In the event of a traffic collision in Colorado, it is mandatory to stop and report the accident by contacting your local police station or dialing 911, except in cases where an Accident Alert has been declared. It’s important to note that vehicle crash reporting is solely for record-keeping purposes with the Colorado Department of Revenue.

2. Do you have to call the police after a minor car accident in Colorado?

According to Colorado state laws, you are legally required to report most car accidents to the police and request their presence at the scene. The only exception to this rule is if the accident is truly minor, with no injuries or property damage sustained by either party.

3. Can I sue an uninsured driver in Colorado?

While you have the option to file a car accident lawsuit against the at-fault driver in Colorado, it’s crucial to understand that drivers without the required auto insurance coverage often lack significant financial assets to pay a judgment resulting from such a lawsuit.

After navigating the initial shock and ensuring medical needs were met, claiming insurance promptly is vital to receive the benefits owed.

With trauma still raw, working with experienced advisors provides reassurance that proper support and compensation will follow – allowing focus on physical and emotional recovery from a distressing experience beyond any individual’s control. Through cooperation and diligent care of legal rights, light may emerge at the end of what seems like a dark tunnel.


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