What Do Community Pharmacists Do? With Tasks 


If you want to work in community pharmacy, knowing its roles and credentials may help you decide. Community pharmacy tasks and qualifications are described in this article. You would handle prescriptions, maintain inventory, and review patients’ medical histories to identify adverse effects. 

Verify The Medication’s Quality

Among your responsibilities in quality control would be:

  • Ensuring compliance with regional regulations for the handling, storing, dispensing, and documenting of medications
  • Verifying that medications are stored correctly in accordance with their unique needs, including humidity, light exposure, and temperature
  • Using barcode scanning devices to verify the medication’s identity, potency, dose guidelines, and amount while obtaining a batch of supplies from the supplier

Keep Precise Records

As part of your job, you must keep correct and current patient, financial, and medical records. This may entail:

  • Keeping thorough records of all prescriptions given to patients, including names, drug names, dosages, length of therapy, expiration dates, and history of refills
  • Preserving patient prescription data securely, including the date of prescription, the drug specifics, the prescriber’s identity, and any special instructions
  • keeping track of every financial transaction pertaining to the store’s sales of medications
  • keeping patient profiles safe, including contact information, medical history, allergies, and current prescriptions

Organize With Suppliers And Vendors

Improving patient outcomes requires ensuring that medications and health items are easily accessible via collaboration with suppliers and vendors. Among the tasks you may have as part of this activity are:

  • Coordinating with suppliers to provide a steady supply of medications and healthcare items, such as pharmaceutical wholesalers or distributors
  • Choosing the right merchandise for the business while taking demand, price, and quality into account
  • Keeping track of product availability, shelf life, and expiration dates, as well as setting purchase orders to guarantee a sufficient supply

Handling Recalls For Potentially Dangerous Or Faulty Pharmaceuticals

Keeping abreast of any changes to medicine composition, packaging, dosage guidelines, or safety announcements

Reviewing new health goods in-depth by working with medical professionals, consulting expert evaluations, evaluating their advantages, and identifying any negative impacts


Pharmacy recruitment can be responsible for a variety of tasks as part of this position, such as confirming prescriptions for medications, handling recalls, ordering and supplying them, and setting up storage. Additionally, you would converse with patients to learn about their medical problems and provide guidance on how to take medications, deal with drug interactions, handle allergies, and control diseases. You can prioritize assignments, keep correct records, work with suppliers to guarantee drug supply, and efficiently manage your time with the support of strong organizational abilities.



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