Trusted Online Casino in Singapore 2024

Singapore isn’t just renowned for its impressive architecture, it’s also celebrated for its vibrant and dynamic lifestyle. As technology advances, the demand for home entertainment, including online casinos, has significantly increased.

For those residing in Singapore, exploring reputable online casinos with captivating graphics, user-friendly interfaces, and enticing promotions is a worthwhile endeavor. Stay tuned as we guide you through some of the top options available!

Top 8 best casinos in Singapore


With the renowned face of boxer Mike Tyson as its ambassador and 15,000 new members every day, God55 can confidently assert itself as one of the most reputable platforms in today’s online casino market. Right on its homepage, God55 proudly displays a series of prestigious licenses from Curacao EGaming, PAGCOR, BMM, TST, ensuring users that they are placing their bets on a legally licensed casino worldwide.

But are legality and reputation all there is to it? What about its features? Are they attractive enough for users? If you have the same questions, the answer is a resounding yes.

God55 offers all forms of modern betting, from E-sports and Sportsbook to slot games, 4D lottery, and traditional fishing games from over 30 renowned game providers. Especially noteworthy, you can pay with Bitcoin and most other current transaction methods.

Rating: 8/8

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BK8 is headquartered in Malta and is licensed by Curacao Gaming, welcoming players from Singapore. This platform boasts over 2000 different games with incredibly lively live casinos. Their payment policies, security measures, and customer service are all top-notch, with no major complaints.

The only downside of BK8 is that it lacks live game streaming programs and it also has relatively high requirements for users wanting to use bonuses for their bets. However, the bonus amount for new players is quite high, up to 288%. If these drawbacks can be improved upon, BK8 will become even more outstanding.

Rating: 8/8


EuBet is the go-to destination for lottery and casino enthusiasts, offering over 1500 casino games and more than 500 types of lottery games. With user-friendly interface and fast page loading speed, EuBet promises to provide players with a smooth gaming experience. Not only that, but their welcome bonus of 299%, daily deposit bonus of 80%, along with the bonus when the account is verified are exclusive promotions that make EuBet stand out.

As a platform designed specifically for Asians, the graphics of the games here are also very familiar to the lives of Chinese people in Singapore.

Rating: 7.5/8


AW8 offers a massive collection of over 2000 different games and 40 fishing games. Along with the variety of game genres, there are also a series of attractive bonuses such as a 150% welcome bonus, weekly bonuses, and cash rebates. AW8’s payout time is also highly rated, with speeds almost instantaneously.

However, the downside of this platform is that it lacks many traditional games that enthusiasts love, such as Poker. It also doesn’t have diverse payment methods, with only bank transfer and cryptocurrency available. However, if you use a credit card, you may incur additional fees.

Rating: 7/8

Mega Dice

Mega Dice is one of the newest casinos, so it might seem unfamiliar to players in Singapore. However, this doesn’t mean that Mega Dice lacks quality compared to previously established casinos – in fact, it may even have some advantages. Mega Dice offers over 5000 different slot games, allowing you to explore and immerse yourself in this gaming world. However, it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have lottery games or fishing games yet.

When it comes to payment methods, Mega Dice focuses on cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, instead of traditional currencies. This could be seen as a positive or a negative, depending on your perspective.


Rating: 7/8


Although 12Play may not boast an extensive game library, it remains a favorite among casino enthusiasts in Singapore. Its strengths lie in its user-friendly interface, which is fast and smooth on all devices. Many players also appreciate its variety of payment methods and excellent customer service.

If you’re looking for a casino website with a massive bonus, 12Play might not be the best choice. However, it makes up for it with its reliability and safety.

Rating: 6/8


UWin33 is highly regarded by Singaporean players in every aspect, with just one minor drawback being its potentially limited variety in fishing and lottery games. However, with over 1000 games available, it still offers a treasure trove of options across various genres. With its live casinos, you won’t feel like you’re playing against a machine. Instead, you’ll experience interaction with real people, immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere.

UWin33 operates smoothly on all devices, whether it’s a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. You can also directly download the app to your phone. Upon opening an account here, you’ll have the chance to receive a welcome bonus of up to SGD688.

Rating: 7.5/8


Can you imagine an online casino offering you up to 8000 different games? Well, Gembet can do just that with its vast array of games from top providers. Additionally, Gembet has proven to be one of the most reputable and responsible platforms, boasting excellent customer service.

If there’s one aspect that might leave customers unsatisfied with Gembet, it could be the limitation in fishing and lottery games.

Rating: 7/8

The most popular online casino games in Singapore 2024


Blackjack isn’t just the most popular casino game in Singapore – it’s also a top pick for gambling enthusiasts. The rules are simple: Each player gets dealt 2 cards face-up, while the dealer has 2 cards, one face-up and one face-down. Your goal is to reach 21 without going over. At the end of the round, everyone reveals their cards, and if your total beats the dealer’s without going over 21, you win.


To win at Blackjack, it’s important to manage your budget wisely. Set aside a specific amount you’re comfortable losing, and stick to it. Also, take the time to understand the game’s payout rate. If the house edge is high, the casino has a better chance of winning unless you use smart strategies. Experts also recommend exploring different betting systems to improve your odds of winning.


Roulette is another simple yet engaging game. Players are provided with a board containing various numbers, and their task is to place chips on the numbers they want to bet on. Then, they’ll spin the roulette wheel, and the spinning motion determines where the ball lands on the wheel. If the number matches the one you bet on, you win.

It’s fair to say that Roulette heavily relies on luck since most systems use random number generators for outcomes. You can’t predict where the ball will stop, and nobody can. The only way to increase your chances of winning is by taking advantage of bonuses and free spins that the casino offers you.


Poker is a card game with countless variations, depending on the casino you’re playing at. Therefore, we can’t provide a specific set of rules. However, all these games share a common rule: Each player is dealt 2 cards, and after receiving each new card, they proceed to place bets. The ultimate winner is the one with the strongest hand.


Like other gambling games, you can’t predict which cards you’ll be dealt. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t need strategy and intelligence. Practice with free poker games, or even practice with real cards outside of the game to improve your skills.


Baccarat has been around for a long time and was once chosen by people worldwide as a form of entertainment with playing cards before gambling was legalized. This game isn’t about skill but rather luck. In Baccarat, both you and the dealer are dealt two cards, and your task is to bet on whether you or the dealer will win, or if it will be a tie. Unlike Blackjack, you don’t have to strive to win, you just need to make the correct prediction. That’s why we say Baccarat heavily relies on luck.

It’s important to note that in this game, cards with a value of 10 or higher, such as J, Q, K, are all counted as 0 (which also means Baccarat – the name of the game). The total value of the hand is determined by the last digit only. For example, if the total value of your hand is 19, only the digit 9 is considered.

What criteria we evaluate the most trusted online casino in Singapore 2024

You know how in Singapore, only certain casinos like Marina Bay Sands Casino and Kidzland are allowed to operate legally? Well, for online gambling, it’s a different story. You won’t be protected by local laws if you play elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to pick trustworthy casinos licensed in other countries to avoid getting scammed.

So, what should we look for when checking out casinos that welcome players from Singapore?


Licensing is a crucial factor that any reputable casino needs to demonstrate its credibility. In today’s gambling market, only the following names are considered the most trustworthy: PAGCOR, Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, or Curacao eGaming. If a casino doesn’t have a license from any of these organizations, you should carefully consider before investing your money. In fact, it’s best to avoid them altogether.


A trusted casino will always be upfront and clear about their policies. Instead of making unrealistic promises to entice players to deposit more money, reputable casinos will lay out terms that are easy to understand and let users decide whether they want to deposit money or not. Additionally, the winning odds and bonus amounts promised by the casino are also realistic. No reputable casino promises to always give players the upper hand or offer them huge bonuses without requiring anything in return.


One of the top concerns for casino players is the fear that their payment information might be leaked to a third party, or that hackers could potentially breach their gaming accounts. However, reputable casinos typically go to great lengths to prevent this from happening with their advanced encryption technology. This technology scrambles the information provided by users, making it unreadable to anyone except the authorized platform. They also never disclose or sell user information to third parties.

Trustworthy casinos are often certified for security by renowned companies. In Singapore, GoDaddy is one of the most reputable names in this regard.

Customer Service

Customer service is also one of the key factors in determining whether players should invest their money in a casino or not. During gambling, there are often many uncertainties and issues that arise, requiring assistance from customer service. Casinos with a 24/7 customer service department staffed by experienced representatives are undoubtedly trustworthy places that players can rely on.

Playing casino for entertainment is not something we should absolutely avoid in life, but it should definitely be done in moderation. Hopefully, with the knowledge we’ve just shared, you will have a gaming journey filled with unforgettable experiences.


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