The Conclusive Guide To Record Zoom Meeting Without Host Permission

itop screen recorder

Nowadays, online work has turned into a typical peculiarity in daily life existence. All things considered, there is consistently a circumstance where someone should be on an excursion for work or becomes sick, not having the option to go to the gathering face to face. Zoom, a renowned working from home stage, has been involved by laborers for its superb convenience, similarity, and flexible capabilities. Notwithstanding, when you download the internet based meetings, expecting to allude back to them later or save them as the chronicle, you might be baffled to find that the downloading needs the permission of the host, and that implies it will be somewhat inconvenient some of the time.

In the world of video recording and screen sharing, Loom choices allude to the assortment of elective programming and apparatuses accessible to users looking for choices past the famous Loom stage. These choices give a scope of features and functionalities for making, sharing, and teaming up through recorded video content. A few other options, similar to OBS Studio, and Camtasia, offer further developed altering and customization capacities, ideal for experts and content makers.

Don’t worry, next, we’ll present an ideal device, named iTop Screen Recorder, which is a free screen recorder, assisting you with recording Zoom meetings even without permission of the host.

iTop Screen Recorder Overview

iTop Screen Recorder is an easy to use screen recording device, which is planned expertly to record the screen video, the webcam, PC framework sound as well as your voice with HD quality. In addition, subsequent to recording, on the off chance that you have any further requests, it likewise gives the capability of cutting, parting, adding, and copying recordings. Not restricted to this, it can likewise go about as a strong video blower, packing the video to a more modest size; a video consolidation, amalgamating recordings into one; a video converter, changing over completely to various organizations as you like.

The Most Effective Method to Record Zoom meetings Without permission

Now that we know the strong features of the iTop Screen Recorder, now is the right time to know how to work it step by step.

Stage 1. Click Video Recorder

In the wake of downloading and introducing the iTop Screen Recorder, open your Zoom meeting first, and afterward send off the iTop Screen Recorder, pick “Video Recorder” on the principal interface.

Stage 2. Set up inclinations

As of now, you can see there are through and through four segments given to you to browse. You can modify a particular recording region as indicated by your requirements. Furthermore, remember to switch off the webcam button, since it might impede Zoom.

The iTop Screen Recorder backs up the PC framework sound as well as the amplifier sound all the while. Assuming that you desire to ensure every one of individuals’ sounds are incorporated, make sure to turn on the important button on the fundamental connection point.

Stage 3. Begin recording your Zoom meeting

With every one of the above systems done, you can basically tap on the “REC” button to start the recording system.

Stage 4. High level Features

To more readily serve most users, during the recording, iTop Screen Recorder permits you to add comments or take screen captures whenever you like. If you have any desire to end the recording system, simply press the red button on it. Additionally, similarly as referenced previously, you can erase the disdained parts prior to saving them to neighborhood records.

Featured Highlights of iTop Screen Recorder

itop screen recorder

To ensure a happy and fulfilling client experience, iTop Screen Recorder has fostered a few eye-sparkling highlights, which cause you to feel fitting and practical. Presently, we should take a gander at how iTop Screen Recorder records video and sound on Windows 10, for instance, and wins out available.

Is it safe to say that you are a member in a Zoom meeting for whom permission for recording the gathering isn’t granted? Assuming you are the host or are allowed by the host to record Zoom meetings, you should realize that you can record the whole Zoom considering utilizing the actual app. Nonetheless, on the off chance that permission isn’t given to you, you can’t utilize the record choice to record the call. In the event that you wish to record Zoom meeting without permission, read the article as far as possible to figure out the arrangement. Also, the article examines how to record Zoom meeting without permission on Android.

  1. Record HD Video on Your Screen

iTop Screen Recorder permits you to record recordings up to 1080p from your PC screen with full voice and webcam. You can decide to record the entire screen or a tweaked district as you like. While recording, you can feature it by utilizing explanations or mouse impacts. It’s worth focusing on that there is no watermark added.

  1. Record Sound from PC

Other than the video recording highlight, the sound recording of the iTop Screen Recorder is likewise a conspicuous component of its fantastic capabilities which can be brought to you. It can keep the PC framework sound and your voice meanwhile. Additionally, there is the clamour undoing capability as well as the amplifier upgrade element to empower you with the best recording experience.

  1. Little Result Document Size

One of the iTop Screen Recorder’s sparkling highlights is that it upholds the capability of compacting recordings to a more modest size, just with a single tick. Consequently, there is a compelling reason to stress that it consumes an enormous space, creating problems for your gadget and the moving system.

  1. Record Top notch Webcam Video

iTop Screen Recorder is a recording instrument that can likewise assist with catching your webcam, which can be recorded either at the same time or independently, contingent upon your necessities. Other than that, it additionally upholds adjustable goal, shape, and position of the camera.

  1. Add Continuous Explanations

In the event that you are the journalist of a specific gathering, the comments are important for you to feature a few huge focuses. iTop Screen Recorder supplies the apparatuses of text, brush, line, bolts, callouts, or considerably more to handily assist you with arriving at the objective.

  1. Record Video of A Particular app

Needing to record a proper window only?iTop Screen Recorder is an ideal keep device that helps with accomplishing this. Through this product, you can secure a particular window and kill different happenings in different windows, so you can record recordings of a particular app.


Considering the recording quality, enhanced capabilities, effectiveness, and accommodation, iTop Screen Recorder is an optimal decision for you. With this product, you can catch all the screen exercises for any situation, in HD quality. Additionally, it likewise has additional intriguing capabilities, carrying the best insight to you. What are you sitting tight for? Download it and have an attempt now!

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