Strut Your Stuff: The Anatomy of a Workout Outfit For Women

What people do, primarily when they work out, goes beyond the two Fs: form and function. Instead, we want to be empowered and confident and express our unique selves, even when sweating it out! The ideal workout outfit for women is about curation – the curation of a motivating wardrobe. The kings of performance regarding workout wear are comfort and support. We want to feel unstoppable. The way we can do this is to wear good workout wear – from supportive sports bars and leggings that fit us and contain pockets; every piece needs to mirror our style and resolve to become more physically fit.

The perfect workout outfit is a statement beyond looking good. It celebrates and honors the experiences your body has gone through. Moreover, it celebrates and commits to becoming the best version of yourself and celebrating our accomplishments. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sneakers and leggings, and bring out your workout warrior!

Supportive Sports Bra

This will only be complete with the presence of the supportive sports bra! It’s not a necessity. Instead, we see the sports bra as a secret weapon for feeling confident and unstoppable. For starters, your sports bra needs to be your accurate bust size. However, the biggest perk of a sports bra is to provide support, especially in comparison to a regular bra. They prevent your breasts from jiggling during a workout session. Some have broad underbusts and wider straps – which help distribute the breast tissue. In addition, their support makes moving around easier – a perfect reason why they are a must in a workout. 

Sassy Tank or Tee

Next up, of course, is your top. Different kinds of tops can flatter you. Show off those abs and arms, or whether you prefer those cozy tees, you need a top that shows off your vibe. There is the option of the lightweight tank top – it’s best for low-impact workouts or if you want to wear them daily. If you love to layer, it’s also a good choice, as it is not so tight on the body, feels loose around the body, and is comfortable. 

Another recommendation we’d like to give is the athletic wear “dry fit.” Dry-fitting cloth is the best for workouts, as it can wick moisture and keep sweat off the body. Thus, it also helps us feel dry during workouts. They’re lightweight, too, and make moving feel much more accessible.

Leggings That Hug Your Curves

Leggings are underrated. Some people may prefer wearing shorts when working out, but leggings feel like a second skin. They offer the perfect amount of stretch and support – to cover and protect the skin on your legs and show off your curves. Many prefer leggings since they are comfortable and practical, preventing you from getting soggy during a workout.

Stylish Sneakers

A comfortable pair of sneakers can do for beginners. For more invested workout warriors, give your feet the royal treatment. Get a cute pair of kicks to support you as you run, walk, squat, and kick. Make sure that the shoe fits—especially your foot type. If you’re flat-footed, you may want to get kicks with the heel support you deserve!

Accessorize, Darling!

Now, let’s add some sparkle and shine! Throw on a headband to keep those flyaways in check, or slip into stylish wristbands that double as sweat-wicking superheroes. And don’t forget your favorite water bottle – staying hydrated never goes out of style!

Optional: The Watch

For those with goals, an Apple watch or any of the dressier Grand Seiko Watches might do! Not only will you track the time, but also elevate your fit! 

Wrapping Up

The perfect workout ensemble is designed to make you feel fierce, feminine, and unstoppable. However, we are all different. Just customize to your thoughts—but don’t forget: your clothes will still affect your workout performance! Slay that workout!


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