Open a Personal Account in a Dubai Bank – Remotely

Open a Personal Account in a Dubai Bank – Remotely

Start a journey of financial convenience by opening personal bank accounts in Dubai with International Wealth, all from the comfort of your home. Whether you opt for a EUR or USD account, you gain access to tailored private banking services that cater to your unique needs and preferences. In today’s interconnected world, the ability to manage your finances remotely has become increasingly important, and our recommended private bank in Dubai and the UAE stands ready to provide seamless and efficient services to clients worldwide.

Non-residents often encounter obstacles when attempting to open accounts abroad. Our recommended private bank in Dubai and the UAE breaks down these barriers by welcoming clients from around the globe. With a robust presence across the Middle East, London, Indonesia, Singapore, and Beijing, they offer a comprehensive suite of financial services designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, families, and organizations, including HNWIs and UHNWIs. Their expertise in capital management, private banking, and related services has earned them wide acclaim locally and internationally, instilling confidence in clients that their financial matters are in capable hands.

Banking Services in Dubai

Banking services in Dubai offered by private banks in the UAE cater to a diverse clientele from around the globe, providing a comprehensive suite of services to address their unique needs and preferences.

  • Modern Banking Services: The bank offers state-of-the-art digital banking solutions, facilitating convenient account management, seamless money transfers, and hassle-free currency exchange transactions.
  • Debit and Credit Cards: Clients can choose from a range of debit and credit card options, including premium cards like Visa Infinite, Visa Elevate, MasterCard Titanium, Skywards Signature, and more, tailored to suit their lifestyle and preferences.
  • Investment Advice: Experienced advisors provide expert guidance and valuable insights into investment opportunities, helping clients make informed decisions to grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals.
  • Trade Services: The bank facilitates the efficient execution of trade transactions, ensuring smooth and seamless international trade operations for businesses and individuals.
  • Portfolio Management: Skilled professionals offer personalized portfolio management services, optimizing investment strategies to maximize returns and mitigate possible risks.
  • Secured Loans: Clients enjoy access to a range of secured loan products backed by collateral such as real estate, investments, IPO shares, and life insurance, providing flexible financing solutions to meet their diverse needs.
  • Trust and Real Estate Management: The bank offers comprehensive services for the effective management of trusts and real estate assets, including property acquisition, leasing, sales, and asset optimization.
  • Real Estate Consultancy: Professional consultants provide expert advice and assistance on various real estate matters, including market analysis, property valuation, and investment opportunities.
  • Insurance Coverage: Tailored insurance products are available to protect clients against various risks, including health, life, property, and liability, providing peace of mind and financial security.

These comprehensive banking services aim to meet the diverse needs of clients from different countries and backgrounds, ensuring a seamless banking experience and helping them achieve their financial objectives with confidence.

Account management in the UAE private bank

Our team of experts ensures seamless bank account management through a cutting-edge Internet banking platform and a user-friendly mobile app. We are ready to offer you a hassle-free banking experience at your fingertips. With our modern digital banking services, you can conveniently manage your accounts and transactions while saving on transaction fees.

Private Account Management Fees in the UAE

Gain transparency with a breakdown of service fees, ensuring you understand the costs associated with managing your account:
Service /  Fee

  • Transfers of funds through mobile or Internet banking  /  Free of charge
  • Correspondent bank commission to the Central Bank of the UAE for AED for transfers outside the UAE /  AED 105
  • Ordering an account statement (subject to agreement on service frequency)    Free of charge
  • Deposit or withdrawal of funds in foreign currencies    /   0.79% of the amount, with a minimum fee of AED 21.10
  • Debit or credit card issuance and usage  /    Fees depend on your card type
  • Cash withdrawal in   /    AED 2.10 to  21.00 AED (depending on the country in which you withdraw your money)

Documents required for non-residents

Here is a list of documents required for non-resident customers interested in opening a personal account in a UAE private bank:

  • International passport
  • Proof of funds;
  • Completed bank forms and KYC documents;
  • Detailed resume (CV);
  • Deposit in EUR or USD – the minimum amount is three million;

Please note that although the typical requirement is three million, the bank is open to discussing individual circumstances. They may explore alternative arrangements allowing you to deposit the full amount within a period of up to one year.
This private banking service is intended for personal use or managing trusts and funds. It is not usable for commercial purposes.
The bank may request additional information to finalize the account setup.

Remote Personal Bank Account Opening

Benefit from the expertise of International Wealth for remote account opening assistance, with fees starting from 2,999 EUR. You can experience a hassle-free process of opening a personal account with a UAE private bank as a foreigner with the following easy steps:
Provide us with the relevant information about yourself and your objectives which will allow us to assess your eligibility;
Pay the service fee (from 2,999 EUR);
Submit the required documents;
Upon approval of your application by the UAE private bank, we will determine the process for making the initial deposit into your account.
Your personal account with the UAE private bank will become fully operational.
Save time and effort with assistance from International Wealth. Our experts will ensure a smooth process for UAE account opening remotely, allowing you to manage your finances with ease and confidence.


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the opportunity to access financial services remotely is paramount. Please refer to the source on our portal to find more information about this beneficial financial opportunity. Opening a bank account in Dubai with International Wealth provides convenience and peace of mind. Take proactive steps towards enduring financial resilience and prosperity today.

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