Last Epoch Leveling Build Tier List – Best Builds For Leveling Ranked In LE

In the realm of Last Epoch, an action-packed RPG that confronts players with the encroaching darkness of The Void, mastering the art of leveling is crucial for thriving in endgame challenges like the Monolith of Fate. This guide delves into the intricacies of the best leveling builds as ranked in the tier list by GameLeap, helping both new and experienced players craft characters that not only survive but excel through the game’s demanding campaign and mid-game content. We will explore each tier, from S to B, focusing on their strengths, weaknesses, and ideal use cases, while also touching on how managing Last Epoch gold can influence your leveling efficiency.


Understanding the Tier System

Before diving into the specific builds, it’s essential to understand the criteria used in the tier ranking. Builds are evaluated based on their clear speed through story acts, their ability to handle campaign bosses, and their overall power progression into mid-game content such as the Monolith of Fate. This tier system helps players select a build that aligns with their playstyle preferences and in-game goals.


S-Tier Leveling Builds: The Pinnacle of Efficiency

Bleed Warlock:

  • Overview: Utilizes Plagueburst to spread high damage over time (DoT), melting through bosses with ease. 
  • Strengths: High mobility and excellent boss-killing capabilities make this an ideal choice for players who want to progress quickly. 
  • Economic Implication: Minimal equipment requirements mean saving on Last Epoch gold, which can be reinvested in enhancing endgame gear. 

Explosive Totem Shaman:

  • Overview: Known for great area clears and impressive single-target DPS, using Upheaval for added defense. 
  • Strengths: Balances offense and defense, providing a smooth leveling experience. 
  • Tips: Focus on upgrading totems and elemental damage to maximize efficacy. 

Werebear Druid:

  • Overview: Transforms into a nearly unkillable werebear, dealing immense damage in all forms. 
  • Strengths: Unparalleled survivability and consistent high damage output. 
  • Player Advice: Invest in health and resistances to bolster your bear form further. 

Shadow Dagger Bladedancer:

  • Overview: Excels in extremely fast mapping and boss kills throughout all acts. 
  • Strengths: Combines speed with lethal precision, ideal for experienced players who can capitalize on fast-paced gameplay. 

Death Seal Lich:

  • Overview: Specializes in smooth area clears and boss elimination by spamming Death Seal. 
  • Strengths: Though immobile, its tankiness allows it to withstand high-damage scenarios. 


A-Tier Leveling Builds: Balanced Progression

Bonespear Necromancer:

  • Overview: Offers great minion support for damage and tankability but lacks in mobility. 
  • Strategy: Enhance minion durability and damage to compensate for slower movement. 

Void Cleave Void Knight:

  • Overview: Delivers decent area clears but struggles with single-target damage against tough bosses. 
  • Recommendation: A focus on cleave and area damage enhancements can mitigate some of the single-target weaknesses. 

Rive Bleed Spellblade:

  • Overview: Shreds through maps quickly but faces resource management issues early on. 
  • Note: Efficient resource management is key; consider buying Last Epoch gold on AOEAH that enhances mana regeneration or reduces skill costs. 

Lightning Orb Sorcerer:

  • Overview: Obliterates enemy packs but is vulnerable to one-shot mechanics due to lower defenses. 
  • Advice: Prioritize increasing survivability through gear and blessings that enhance elemental resistances. 


B-Tier Leveling Builds: Steady but Slower Progression

Flame Reave Spellblade:

  • Overview: Strong during leveling but requires significant respeccing for optimal endgame performance. 
  • Consideration: Be prepared to spend Last Epoch gold on respeccing attributes and skills to transition smoothly into endgame content. 

Hungering Souls Lich:

  • Overview: Suffers from slow clear speeds but scales well into the late game. 
  • Tip: Patience is key; invest in speed and damage enhancements where possible to offset initial slowness. 

Smite Hammerdin Paladin:

  • Overview: Reliable throughout the campaign but overshadowed by faster Paladin builds. 
  • Strategy: Focus on improving clear speed and mobility to keep pace with other builds. 


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