Floor Land – The Best for Flooring in Warrington – And Here’s Why

Floor Land has a reputation that precedes them in the retail, e-Commerce and home improvement sectors, and thanks to 20 plus years of exemplary customer service in the flooring industry, it’s not surprising they are considered to be the best flooring supplier in Warrington.

How it all Began

Floor Lands story of success started with founder Lee McCarthy’s dream and personality. His adventurous spirit was the start of a company that is now the premier supplier of flooring in Warrington.

Wanting to build a housewares flooring business that could provide customers with a high-quality, low-cost reusable product that is sustainable and wouldn’t have a detrimental affect on the planet. 

Drawing on his experience in the housewares industry, Lee has also been inspired by his lifetime of dedication to hard work to do everything he can to give the customer value, which is reflected in Floor Land’s approach.

His philosophy is simple: Do the job properly once, or pay more to do it again. The right flooring should not be a privilege that you can afford, it should be a right that you enjoy. If you need herringbone flooring, laminate, parquet, vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles, wood flooring, or wall panels, Floor Land Warrington is on hand to help you decide. 

Lee said “For more than 20 years we have supplied the top quality flooring to tens of thousands of British homes, and have always done so at prices that leave competitors trailing behind. But it is not just a great product that we supply. We think that a great service should go along with a great product, and we know this is why we have such a far-reaching reputation”.

The First Showroom in Tilley Street & Online Store

With their very first, principal flooring showroom in the heart of Warrington town centre, and an online store that is fully stocked with the highest quality of flooring options, all at affordable prices, this family run business now serves the whole of the UK. 

With stores in all major towns and cities across the UK, customers will be able to find an enormous selection of flooring options and materials, from classic engineered hardwood flooring, to functional, easy-to-maintain, and durable laminate flooring, and everything in between.  Check out the full list of Floor Land locations here – https://www.floor-land.co.uk/pages/locations

Floor Land has a team of experts in each location in the UK that are fully trained and live and breathe flooring, meaning they will be able provide customers with the perfect flooring to fit any budget, and serve your needs in a professional and friedly manner.

Have a look online at www.floor-land.co.uk and check out their commitment to product selection and customer service. If you are looking to renovate your home, or are building from the ground up, Floor Land will exceed all of your expectations and requirements, and won’t be beaten on price.

The Online Store – How E-Commerce Should Be Done

Offering free delivery to mainland UK for all orders over £500, Floor Land are fully committed to providing high quality and affordably priced flooring options, with universal appeal through carefully chosen brands such as Quick-Step or Floorify, which are guaranteed to match every preference and price tag.

A Unified Team, A Common Goal

The vision of Floor Land is upheld by everyone on the team. They are a team of experienced professionals in their field and love flooring, and their purpose at Floor Land is to see that every customer finds his or her ideal flooring, at an affordable price.

They have a vast array of knowledge and experience covering the whole flooring sector. Whatever customers are looking for, whether that is the latest product information or design ideas, or even help with installation – the Floor Land team will go out of their way to help!

A Tradition of Quality, Excellence and Reliability

At Floor Land UK, quality is not just a promise but a tradition, that is why they have a huge selection of the very best flooring options available and can ensure that every product caters to their customers’ needs. 

From high quality engineered hard wood flooring, to laminate flooring to LVT flooring, they have something for everyone.

When you go to Floor Land UK you are ensured a seamless flooring journey, from choosing the perfect product to experiencing the outstanding customer service – If you are looking for quality, excellence and reliability then make Floor Land UK your choice – you won’t be disappointed.

An Adventure in Creativity and Meeting Customer Needs

Floor Lands journey is one of continual innovation, ingenuity and a customer-centric approach, which is rare and admirable in this day and age.

Buying flooring is an important part of the whole home design process, so Floor Land ensure an experience that is easy and enjoyable. Their website has been built to be every buyer’s best friend, providing all the information and resources needed to make the right decision when it comes to flooring.

As a family run business, Floor Land put a huge effort into improving the whole process of customer experience from browsing to installation.

Offering professional advice and providing customers with a fully tailored solution to suit their individual needs. Their friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to assist customers on their shopping journey.

Practices that are Sustainable for a Future that is Greener.

Sustainability is a part of our utmost consideration towards how we do business. We use the latest flooring options that are environmentally friendly and don’t impact our surroundings in a negative way. As for our work methods and practices, they also respect nature and are always sustainable. Floor Land UK means quality, elegance and future for us all.

The Foundation of Our Achievements: Warrington and Beyond

Whilst their home and foundations will always be in the heart of Warrington, Floor Land have branched out and technology and digital advancements have allowed them to export the Warrington experience further afield, allowing Floor Land to service customers across the UK.

Although they have moved away from the soil of Warrington, you can still sense the impact of the town on their psyche with the overwhelming sense of community and tradition in all that they, as a company do.


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