A Roadmap to A+ Essays: Your Comprehensive Essay Help Handbook

Writing a well-crafted essay is one of the most common tasks students encounter in their academic career. Nowadays, it is a part of the college admission process as well. That is precisely why you need to master the art of essay writing.

As a student, balancing other academic tasks along with writing creative essays is quite challenging. Writing is a creative practice, even time-consuming. Due to this pressure, students are taking essay writing assistance from experts. There are so many online platforms available on the internet. But choosing the right one is the game changer. Suppose you can opt for an essay help online service from MyAssignmentHelp.com. Here, a team of subject matter experts is there to provide you with online essay writing services. Along with that, you will learn how to write essays properly without not investing so much time in it. Maintaining the strategy is important to enhance your essay writing journey.

In this blog, we will discover a roadmap for A + essays which will work as a help book for your academic journey:

  1. Choosing the Right Topic:

Choosing and deciding is the first step to starting an essay. It is not obvious that universities will always allow you to choose the topic. Sometimes, topics will be provided along with guidelines. But if you got the opportunity to choose the topic on your own, keep a few points in mind, like:

  • Are you interested in the topic?
  • What should be the purpose of writing about this topic?
  • Who is my targeted audience?
  • Can I get enough resources to research the topic?
  • What are the requirements of the assignment?
  • How can a conclude the essay with the right logic?

So, if you clear all these questions, it will be easy for you to choose the topic and complete the essay efficiently. Try to involve yourself in something that genuinely interests you. You can choose a topic that you know well. If possible, consult with your instructors and follow the guidelines for the particular topic to achieve good grades.

2.The Process of Essay Preparation:

The main work is here when you are involved in the process. This is what you should focus on more. You will see the deadlines are coming and you are left with a lot of work. Writing the essay drastically will not bring a good grade. So, the preparation is important to constitute a good essay:

  • Read the guidelines again- After going through the guidelines, start working on early. Work on researching and gathering information.
  • Evaluation: As you have already gathered all the relevant information related to your topic, try to analyze the places where you need additional data.
  • Resources: Relevant resources are required to write proper information. You can look at available sources like Microsoft Academic, JSTOR, Google Scholar, Google Books, Science.gov, and PubMed Central. A few e-books and journals can help you create an essay. For statistical analysis, you can search Statista.
  • Thesis Statement: Formulating your thesis statement is important to prove the main point of the topic. Include a few main pointers to support your topic, like logical proof, fact, or statistics. It will work as a summary of what you are going to convey in the essay.
  • Completer the planning: Note down what you are going to talk about in the essay. Make it in an elaborative way in the body of the essay.

  • Compelling Introduction: 

As an essay consists of three main parts, the introduction is the starting point and the greatest attention seeker of the essay. It will create the first impression of the reader. Avoid preparing boring introductions in the essay. Following are a few points to check:

  • Try to include a hook. For example, you can include a statement or fact that will make them interested in what you are going to say next.
  • Include the main idea or the thesis of the essay in the last sentence of the introduction.
  • Avoid including cliché words or which promote generalization. It is boring for the readers to read some written in a generalized way.
  • Don’t use unwanted fillers. Just try to make a short and crisp with the hook.

  • Structure the Body of the Essay:

The body of the essay is the part where you will be able to describe the topic.

  • Make it in an elaborative way. Don’t include personal pronouns and other fillers.
  • Maintain the citation format. Always credit it. Try to support the idea with evidence.
  •  Include the evidence and discuss it.
  • The transition part is important for the main body of the essay. It works backward and forwards the ideas to connect. It makes the reading process smoother.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Don’t include any information that makes the plagiarised content. You can use Duplichecker after completing the writing essay.
  • Maintaining all the steps will create a good grade in your academic journey.

  • Conclusion:

The conclusion is the final paragraph of the essay. It is the amalgamation of what you have written above. Establish the connections and facts that you have mentioned above. Elaborate on the significance of the argument and the quotations from which you have taken the sources. Check all the essays on Grammarly to ensure everything is right in your essay. As writing is a field of creativity, you can conclude your essay by implementing the general knowledge in a summarized way.


In Conclusion, 

Writing a well-crafted essay requires research skills, time management abilities, and creativity. From choosing the topic to concluding, an essay requires analysis and attention. By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you will be able to craft a well-researched, high-quality essay. With this comprehensive guide and resources, you will definitely learn the process of essay writing. It will help you in your future endeavors.


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