8 Essential Gas Safety Tips for Renters: A 2024 Guide

Renting a property involves a lot of work. You must survey properties and determine whether they match your needs and requirements and if they are suitable for your family or not. The cost is also a major factor to consider since average monthly rentals can cost upwards of £945. The UK has the highest average property rental costs of any European country.

However, a key factor you must also consider is safety and security. The safety of your family must be a top priority, as a lack of proper safety measures is a major problem that may lead to disastrous consequences. It is unfortunate but true.

Still, any safety-related problems can be easily avoided as long as you are educated properly and ready to put in the work to ensure safety is maximized.

Top Gas Safety Tips to Follow in 2024

Among the safety measures that you must be aware of are gas safety measures. Many of us ignore and fail to optimize gas safety. This is a huge mistake since gas leaks are notoriously difficult to identify. At the same time, gas safety is a very straightforward process.

Here are eight simple gas safety tips you can follow to guarantee that you and your family are protected:

·        Safety First

Gas safety measures begin when you start looking for a rental property. Make safety a major concern when looking at potential properties to rent. Look for all the safety measures, particularly gas safety measures.

Even if you have already rented a property, it is never too late to inspect the various gas safety features present. If the measures are inadequate, you can request the landlord to add those. The very first step is to be aware and show concern for gas safety.

·        Know What to Look For

It is necessary to educate yourself about gas safety. Why is it so important, and what features constitute gas safety? As a tenant, you have certain rights and privileges. You need to know what kinds of gas safety measures must be present and which ones are additional features. If a necessary feature is missing, you can request the landlord to provide it.

·        Make Sure There is Proper Ventilation

Check the windows and the ventilation system. Good ventilation can keep you safe in case of a gas leak. The property must have good-sized windows in each room that are easy to open. It is also better to keep the windows open when working with gas, like cooking on a gas stove.

Good ventilation can be a lifesaver in case of a gas leak, as it allows fresh air to pour in and reduces the concentration of deadly carbon monoxide. Additionally, in the unfortunate case of a fire, good ventilation reduces the chances of running out of oxygen.

·        Check the Gas Safety Certificate

Landlords in the UK are legally required to provide tenants with the gas safety certificate CP12 for the last two years. The gas safety certificate proves that a registered gas safety engineer has inspected the property.

A gas safety check ensures that the property is free of any gas-related issues, at least at the time of the inspection. Since rental properties must be inspected annually, these regular checks mean that the gas safety remains under constant surveillance.

·        Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. These work like smoke detectors, but instead of picking up on smoke, their sensors detect excess carbon monoxide in the air and raise the alarm. When the air quality is compromised due to a leak, these detectors can promptly inform you of the issue so you can take corrective measures.

The only thing to be sure of is that the carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Change the batteries regularly to keep the detectors working.

·        Regular Repairs and Maintenance

Gas leaks can be prevented by keeping gas appliances and parts of the gas system in good working condition. This means regular maintenance and getting repairs done as soon as an issue arises. For instance, if the stove suddenly stops working at full pressure, this may signal that it requires a deep cleaning.

Repairs and maintenance are usually the landlords’ responsibility since they own the appliances. Landlords can become complacent and delay the repairs or maintenance, so it is best to negotiate a deal with your landlord whereby you will get the repairs done and forward them the receipt. This way, repairs can be completed on time, and you can submit the receipt as proof of the expense for which the landlord must compensate you.

Landlords also prefer this type of setup since it is hassle-free and repairs on their property can be done promptly. Quick repairs prevent the issue from aggravating, which is most likely to drive up the cost of the repairs.

·        Always be Prepared

Even with all safety precautions in place, you must be prepared to deal with gas-related emergencies. Have a plan of action ready so you can act quickly to minimize the damage if there is a gas leak. Be aware of the gas mains so you can turn off the gas supply for the entire house as soon as possible.

Have all emergency numbers on speed dial and educate all members of the household on how to call for help if there is a suspected gas leak.

·        Remain Vigilant

Never let your guard down. Always remain vigilant as a gas leak can happen unexpectedly and may go unnoticed for a long time. Be wary of odd smells, gas has a noxious smell similar to rotten eggs. Do not leave the stove burner on even if you are leaving it unattended for a little while. It is better to be safe rather than take a risk.

Renting Safely

Renting a property involves due diligence and close inspection. When safety is a priority, it can be hard to find a suitable property that meets all your needs. However, it is not impossible, and it is worthwhile in the long run.

The safety of you and your family cannot be compromised, which is why it is so important to be aware of gas safety measures and ensure that they are implemented. Know your rights as a renter because landlords are required to ensure basic safety measures are provided.


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