7 Common Mistakes When buying New Flooring 

Buying a new flooring might not be an easy task for the first-time homeowners as they don’t have much experience. People often make floor buying mistakes and regret it afterwards.

To avoid any blunders, you must pick the right flooring carefully. 

It’s time for you to shop smart by learning these seven common mistakes before buying a new flooring. Let’s get started! 

Forgetting to Do Research and Comparison 

Most people tend to settle for the first flooring they see because the shop owners convince them it will look great, but it is important to look at other options and compare with one another. 

For example, marble tiles are great for high-traffic areas in the house, but they are a bit expensive. To avoid spending a lot, you can buy porcelain tiles that work the same as marble tiles but are affordable. 

Always do some research before buying a new flooring because it will only help you avoid any trouble afterwards. 

Not Ordering Samples Before Buying New Flooring

In today’s world, online shopping has become so popular that sometimes people forget to check the material with their own hands. 

The beautiful displayed image of a floor makes you want to buy it right away, but don’t fall into this trap. Sometimes, the colour and the material you saw in the pictures might not be the same when it arrives at home. 

It’s always better to order a few samples first and check it carefully before making a final purchase. Making these considerations in advance will help you select the perfect flooring. 

Choosing a Floor That Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle 

Buying a floor that doesn’t match with your lifestyle can be a big problem for homeowners. The beautiful, shining look of the floor attracts you at once and you buy it right away, ignoring the question of whether it will suit your home or not. 

For example, when you decide to buy carpets, keep the practical needs in mind instead of falling for the aesthetics of a carpet. Or you need a good flooring for the bathroom, then only vinyl flooring is the best choice as it is water resistant. 

Skipping Subfloor Planning 

Unfortunately, most homeowners forget about this part and end up regretting it later. Your flooring is more stable with a subfloor so ensure that you fix this before installing a new floor. 

You must work on the layers underneath your flooring. Most people use either plywood or concrete to support their floor. Ensure that any floor you use is in mint condition and is dry and levelled.

By making this consideration beforehand, you will save your floor from making noise issues and sinking for a long time. 

Not Buying Sufficient Flooring 

You might think that the measurements and square footage you found in the room are good to get the right amount of flooring, but that’s not true. 

Unfortunately, that strategy will cause problems during installation. Sometimes the flooring is cut inaccurately or the pattern does not line up well on the patterned floor you just bought. Your floor will be incomplete due to insufficient amount of flooring. 

Thats why, most experts advise that you must purchase a new flooring 5% extra than the original amount. Buying extra flooring can help you a lot with the installation process. 

Underestimating the Budget

 Buying things that are under your budget is important, but when it comes to flooring, don’t always go for cheaper options. The flooring that is low in price may not always be in good condition and might not be an ideal choice for your floor.

That doesn’t mean you should go for flooring that is unaffordable for you.Try to measure the average price and check your finances before making a purchase. 

On the other hand, ensure that you ask about the longevity of the floor if you find a budget-friendly flooring option. 

Not Asking for Professional Help 

Everyone has their own ideas in mind when it comes to the floor designing. Whether it is for the new home with new interior or with current furniture, the new floor suits perfectly in both ways. 

Sometimes things don’t go the way we want. For example, from countertops to cabinets option, you might influence the final product of your new flooring. That’s why you need to consult with a floor designing expert to avoid any issues. 

There are many contractors who can not only guide with the cost of the new floor, but they are experienced with the quality, value, and appearance of the floor. You will save a lot of time and money by seeking professional help. 

How to Choose the Right Flooring? 

After acknowledging the common mistakes that should be avoided when buying a new flooring, you might wonder how to get the best flooring for your home. 

To make the right decision, here are three simple steps to buy new flooring. 

Have Your Preferences 

When you decide to buy a new flooring, it is important to have desired colours or tiles shapes in mind that will suit your home perfectly. If you know what you want, then you will not have to waste extra time in selecting the right flooring. 

Hire a Contractor

Many homeowners like to DIY projects for home decor like maintaining lean and doing wall art. A professional help is needed when it comes to the flooring project because sometimes our ideas don’t go as planned and might cause problems. 

Don’t Rush, Take Your Time

It’s important to give as much time as you can when buying a new flooring. Many homeowners often make mistakes because they choose a new flooring in a rush. Try to look for the best flooring option instead of buying it fast. 


By not making these common mistakes, you can avoid many problems after buying the new flooring. Most homeowners have already made some of these mistakes and done some risky purchases. 

Now you know which errors to avoid when buying new flooring, you can easily get rid of all the hassles and headaches in the future and skip the best part. 


Pick the right flooring and enjoy!  


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