2024 Aorkuler Dog Tracker: Can Rural Dog Parents Buy It?

A dog tracker is an important tool in the daily life of your dog. It is not like a dog toy that can be chosen at will. Dog parents must consider the place of residence, economic conditions, dog size, and other factors.

Dogs and dog parents who live in the city have good cellular signals around them. So, they can use most pet trackers on the market that require cellular networks, such as Tractive dog GPS tracker.

But dogs and dog parents living in rural areas have poor cellular signals around them. They cannot receive timely information about their dog’s location if they use this type of dog tracker.

So, are there any other types of dog trackers suitable for dogs in rural areas? Of course, there are.

There is a type of dog tracker on the market that uses radio technology to transmit the dog’s location information, such as the Aorkuler.

After obtaining the GPS location, the dog’s data is transmitted without using the cellular network. Therefore, the Aorkuler dog GPS tracker can work in rural areas.

The Aorkuler dog tracker has other advantages besides not requiring a cellular network. I will introduce this dog tracker for dog parents.

1.Aorkuler Dog Tracker

1.1 No Subscription Fee

As mentioned above, the Aorkuler is the dog tracker without subscription and cellular network. So, it doesn’t require dog parents to pay a monthly fee to the cellular carrier.

This not only reduces the financial burden on dog parents but also reduces unnecessary hassles.

If dog parents use a dog tracker that requires a subscription fee, they need to purchase a subscription package.

When there are problems with the device or the dog parent doesn’t want to use the product, the process of refunding the subscription fee is a hassle. The dog parents even don’t receive the rest of the subscription fee.

However, the Aorkuler dog tracker does not require a subscription fee. They don’t have to contact customer service for a refund when dog parents don’t want to use this dog tracker.

1.2 Real-Time Tracking

The Aorkuler dog tracker is not affected by the strength of the cellular network. It transmits the dog’s location information to the dog’s parents in real-time when tracking the dog in the countryside.

1.3 Waterproof

Dogs in the countryside like to run free and may sometimes accidentally fall into mud puddles.

The Aorkuler’s dog tracker is waterproof with an IP67 rating, it can be immersed in water for thirty minutes. So even if the dog falls into the mud puddle, the dog parents can still check the location of the dog in real time.

1.4 Sound and Night Flash

The Aorkuler dog tracker has sound and night flash function. Dog parents can use these two functions when the controller’s screen shows nearby but the dog doesn’t show up due to hiding or injury.

The dog parents can turn on the sound feature on the controller. The tracker on the dog will beep. The dog parent can then locate the dog based on the sound.

If visibility is low, the dog parents can use the night flash function to locate the dog by the light.”.

1.5 Using the Controller

Aorkuler is different from other types of dog trackers. Dog parents don’t need to download a mobile app to use it. Aorkuler’s tracker is connected to the controller. Dog parents can check the location of their dog directly on the controller’s screen.

The controller uses an electronic compass. It shows the exact direction and distance of the dog on the screen. Dog parents can use it to quickly find their dog in unfamiliar places.

1.6 Compact Shape

The Aorkuler dog tracker is compact. It weighs about 30 grams (1.06 ounces). Small dogs can use this product without it being a burden on their daily life.


In addition to being able to track in real time, the Aorkuler also has the advantage of not relying on cell phone signals, which makes it the best dog GPS tracker in rural areas.

Dog parents living in rural areas can worry less about their dogs by using this dog tracker. So, rural dog parents can buy an Aorkuler dog tracker fo

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